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Don’t let this happen to you…

This was really hard  to write. It took me a bunch of drafts and more than 2 weeks to write. And I’m asking you to please, please read it – ALL. Take it in.Then let it sink in- even if it’s hard for you to read. I kept pushing the writing away because it hurt.  It hurts. […]

Why’s it So Hard to Be Happy? -OR- A Little Neuroscience Anyone?

Here’s the thing–  I’m kinda geeky in certain ways and I can’t help my love of learning.  So when I hear a neuroscientist has ideas that line up with my own I kinda get all warm and fuzzy inside. So why is it so hard to be happy sometimes?  Why do we so easily go […]

All I Want For Christmas is ….

It’s that time of year again, here in the USA — the holiday season!  And I have to tell ya, I totally got caught up in the crazy busy-ness of it all and neglected to leave time for something pretty important!   Sleep has become the last thing on my to do list and I’m wondering […]

Tap-Talking with My Inner Gorilla

The other day I was really feeling like I didn’t wanna sit down and do my morning check-in with the Universe.  I have this morning routine where I like to get quiet and connect-in with Source and my angels but that day I was resisting like crazy!  Each time I tried I couldn’t get focused.  […]

The Agony of Debt – And How to See it Differently!

 September!  I’m back from a long and lovely week of perfect weather, fun, sun and surf!  My family and I spent a week in Ocean City, NJ at the end of August and it was just the perfect wrap-up of a wonderful summer. Morning Beach in OCNJ We rode our bikes on the boardwalk (Our […]

That Sinking Feeling

That Sinking Feeling….. I Knew It Well! Do you know what I’m talking about?  That sinking feeling you get as fear & worry creep in?  Or maybe it comes as a jolt that courses through your body– I’ve had that one too!  Not a lot of fun for sure. Mine came around money.  Fear of […]

Trauma – Big & Small — Affects Us All

TRAUMA, BIG AND SMALL, AFFECTS US ALL **Note: I’d like to dedicate this post to all of my friends living and working in Japan and suffering through the giant traumas of the earthquake, tsunami and continuing aftershocks. I wrote this post just prior to these events and my prayers are with you. For many of […]

From Bah Humbug! To Ho-Ho-Ho!! Tap Your Way Through the Holidays!

Tap, Tap Tap! Tap, Tap Tap! Through the Holidays!!! {To View My Entire December Newsletter Click HERE} Holiday stress getting you down?  Feeling more Bah-Humbug then Ho! Ho! Ho!??  Lighten it up with some laughter and tapping! Here’s the laughter part:  (For my new subscribers, Taiani is my precocious 5 year old who often makes […]