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The Magic We Be

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when stuff like this ‘happens’– (not the beginning of my story but the end!) ūüôā Last year tax time¬†traumatized me. ¬† I’d had my best year ever but¬†despite dutifully¬†paying quarterly estimates, when the time came to sit in front of my accountant and receive the verdict of what more I owed, […]

Why’s it So Hard to Be Happy? -OR- A Little Neuroscience Anyone?

Here’s the thing–¬† I’m kinda geeky in certain ways and I can’t help my love of learning.¬† So when I hear a neuroscientist has ideas that line up with my own I kinda get all warm and fuzzy inside. So why is it so hard to be happy sometimes?¬† Why do we so easily go […]


Mythbustin’ “I reject your reality and substitute my own!”¬† I always laughed when ‘mad scientist’ Adam of Mythbusters made that comment in the opening credits.¬† But recently his words echoed in my ears when I realized how poignant (have I ever used that word before?) they are.¬† Although I have a pretty open-minded circle of […]

I Think I Need a 12-Step

I Think I Need a 12-Step: My Plants vs. Zombies Addiction Are you familiar with the video game Plants vs. Zombies? Ok, I’m not a true “gamer” (really!) but this little fantasy world has got me hooked! Killing zombies who are trying to invade my house and eat my brains is my new, fun way […]

Belief is Everything!!!

BELIEF IS EVERYTHING!! And now a word from a short funny-looking dude: Belief is Everything! (click) Sometimes Hollywood can come up with some brilliant, thought-provoking scenes and this was one for me.¬† Belief is so important to our success and I think pretty much pre-determines whether or not we’ll achieve what we want.¬† But what […]

What in the World Are You Holding Onto That For?!?!

What in the World Are You Holding Onto That For?!?! I recently attended a wonderful marketing mastery workshop with EFT Business Coach, Pamela Bruner, and was challenged to “uplevel” in some areas– Even a small up-leveling gives the message to yourself and others that you deserve abundance and are worth it!¬† And in terms of […]

Abundance? In THIS Economy?!

What is abundance?¬† When you come across that word what pops into your mind?¬† Money?¬† The home of your dreams?¬† A fancy, new car? I think those things come to mind for many of us and those things can certainly be a piece of an abundant life.¬† But what comes to mind for me is […]