Free Resources

Click on the links below for tap-along videos and down-loadable tapping scripts!

These are general tapping scripts to get you started but for even better results try tapping on specific memories or situations around these issues too.

Is the fear of failure keeping you stuck?  Try this script to release some of that fear.

Tapping for Fear of Failure

A great script for when there’s just too much on your “To Do List”

Tapping Script for Overwhelm





Feeling Stressed?  Use this to help you find some relief:

EFT for Stress Anxiety Overwhelm Script

Young Woman Thinking --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis






Do you have chronic pain?  Tap along with this script to help you find relief:

Tapping for Chronic Pain

Feel like you never have enough money?  Try this script to help remove some of those stubborn money blocks!

Tapping Script – Money & Financial Abundance