That Sinking Feeling….. I Knew It Well!

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Do you know what I’m talking about?  That sinking feeling you get as fear & worry creep in?  Or maybe it comes as a jolt that courses through your body– I’ve had that one too!  Not a lot of fun for sure.

Mine came around money.  Fear of not having enough.  Ever.  It didn’t matter whether I was in “good times” or “bad times”– As far back as I can remember I reacted with fear and trembling whenever I opened my checkbook, peeked at my account balance or opened those dreaded credit card bills!  Yikes!  What a way to live!  I was always worried something terrible would go wrong and I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills or wouldn’t have enough for the basics let alone for fun stuff!  I was stuck and desperately wished I could find a way to relax around this.

Long story short, I met and became good friends with EFT!  This certainly wasn’t a “one minute wonder” turn-around for me.  This is something I tapped on persistently, covering many angles and limiting beliefs that had crept in over the years.  But sure enough, little by little things started changing and in less than a year I had reached my tipping point!  It was amazing– I nearly tripled my income from the previous year and these amazing, out of the blue opportunities kept popping up!  My abundance ball had really started rolling and it felt like it was rolling downhill  (a good thing)!  All I needed to do was keep taking action for the momentum to continue to build.  I was no longer struggling against myself but felt hand-in-hand with my conscious dreams and desires and my subconscious “directives.”

So often we don’t get why achieving what we want in life– higher income, better health, happy relationships– seems so hard.  Everything is a struggle and we wonder why we’re stuck.  My answer has been tapping and to that end I have a mini tap-along below to help you get started — I’ve written it around fear of not having enough money so if this is something you struggle with TapTapTap!

(If you’re not familiar with EFT or Tapping you can find a quick info video, pictures and instructions on the “How to Tap” page: www.TapIntoAbundanceNow.com/how-to-tap)

Karate Chop:

Even though I have this big money worry and I really feel stuck, I choose to honor my feelings anyway
Even though making more money and feeling like I’ll have enough is such a struggle I accept myself anyway
Even though cold hard cash is always on my mind but not in my wallet, I’m going to respect myself anyway

Tapping through the points:
Eyebrow:  Money’s such a struggle
Side Eye:  I have such worry and fear around money
Under Eye:  It feels like I’ll never have enough
Nose:  I’m constantly worrying about money
Chin:  I hate opening those credit card bills!
Collarbone:  The fear just rips through me!
Under Arm:  And looking at the balance fills me with dread.
Top of Head:  I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through!
Eyebrow:  I am swimming in fear of not having enough
Side Eye:  And it feels like I’m going under
Under Eye: I need more money
Nose:  I don’t have enough
Chin:  It’s such a struggle
Collarbone:  I need more money and I don’t see how it’s going to come to me
Under Arm:  If I could just make more money
Top of Head:  I think I could relax
Eyebrow:  I try and try and nothing’s happening!
Side Eye:  It’s just so hard!
Under Eye:  I don’t have enough
Nose:  That sinking feeling
Chin:  Looking at the bills
Collarbone:  Not sure if I have enough
Under Arm:  Never sure if there’ll be enough
Top of Head:  I feel so stuck!
Eyebrow:  All this worry
Side Eye:  All this fear
Under Eye:  I’m sick of the struggle
Nose:  Tired of worrying
Chin:  Tired of this pattern that I can’t get myself out of
Collarbone:  Just so stuck
Under Arm:  Not making any headway
Top of Head:  Stuck in the fear
Eyebrow:  Stuck in the worry
Side Eye:  Stuck in never having enough
Under Eye:  I wonder if there’s a different way
Nose:  I wonder if I could let go of this pattern
Chin:  I don’t know how
Collarbone:  It’s a big part of my story
Under Arm:  I live with the fear
Top of Head:  I live with the worry & the “not enough”
Eyebrow:  But I wonder if I could let some of it go
Side Eye:  I wonder if that’s even possible
Under Eye:  I don’t even know how
Nose:  But this way isn’t doing me any good
Chin:  This worry and fear might be keeping me stuck
Collarbone:  So I wonder if I could just let it go– make that choice
Under Arm:  I think I’d like to be open to that
Top of Head:  With less worry and fear
Eyebrow:  maybe my head would be clear
Side Eye:  With less worry and fear
Under Eye:  maybe I could be more productive
Nose:  With less worry and fear
Chin:  maybe I’d get better sleep
Collarbone:  Feel more rested
Under Arm:  Have more energy
Top of Head:  Be open to possibility
Eyebrow:  Be open to opportunity
Side Eye:  Take action on things
Under Eye:  I think I’m ready to release the struggle
Nose;  I think I’m ready to release the fear
Chin:  I think I’m ready to release the worry
Collarbone:  I think I’m ready to let go of “not enough”
Under Arm:  Worry and fear do not serve me
Top of Head:  “Not Enough” doesn’t serve me
Eyebrow:  I think I’m ready to step into a new story
Side Eye:  Releasing the fear
Under Eye:  Releasing the worry
Nose:  Releasing my story of never having enough
Chin:  Open to peace
Collarbone:  Open to calm
Under Arm:  Open to the possibility of having enough– and more than enough
Top of Head:  And knowing that’s ok.

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