September!  I’m back from a long and lovely week of perfect weather, fun, sun and surf!  My family and I spent a week in Ocean City, NJ at the end of August and it was just the perfect wrap-up of a wonderful summer.

Morning Beach in OCNJ

We rode our bikes on the boardwalk (Our daughter finally mastered her skills to the point of being able to negotiate the unpredictable masses of people, bikes and surreys so this year was a blast!  We got to bike together each morning and there were no spills or tears all week!  Yippee!).  We indulged in yummy crab legs, lobster, scallops and, yes, crab-fries (with cheese sauce of course), Annie’s Carousel Peanut Butter Ice Cream (the BEST!) and the ever-famous-can’t-miss-it Shriver’s fudge and salt water taffy.

And then long, lazy afternoons lounging at the beach, toes in the sand, playing in the waves and building drip-castles as memorials to random fallen jellyfish. Like I said- a perfect wrap-up of a relaxing summer!  How does it get any better than this?! (ok- maybe a month-long all-expense-paid beach vacation in the Maldives but….)   So I’m rested and ready to roll into all that Fall has in store!

This issue is chock-full of great stuff– Do not miss the Treasure Chest!  I have a lot of cool, fun stuff for you so definitely check it out!

 Heidi’s Treasure Chest  

So many juicy things I have to share with you today-
(Ha! How weird is that grammar?!  I swear I’m not Yoda!  It’s just a sort of language-hangover from living in Japan all those years)

1)  Ok- first I’d like to introduce you to a simply amazing being– Her name is Erica Vanaver and you can find her here:  www.QuentinsPages.com.  Erica is a massively gifted psychic and is absolutely spot on!  I can’t tell you how much she helped me recently as I was going through some pretty scary medical stuff (more on that in another issue).  She not only helped me feel safe in my body but she also guided me in clearing the emotional issues that had caused my symptoms.  If you are looking for peace of mind and intuitive guidance and want it to come from someone who truly speaks with the angels Run, don’t walk– to book with her now!

2) This morning I was interviewed on EFT Radio by my friend, colleague and career coach extraordinaire, Marti Murphy (www.martimurphy.com)!  She interviewed me on the painful and agonizing subject of Debt and I have to say it was a great show!  We talked about what debt really is, what it does for us, what it does to us and how to start releasing it from your reality!  Listen to the interview on my site here or on the EFT Radio site here.

3)  My fabulous business coach, Barb Wade,  who has been invaluable in helping me form and grow my thriving coaching practice – is hosting a live event in October and I can get you in for F*REE!  (Full price tix are going for $697 after the early-bird ends).  She is the real deal when it comes to knowing how to grow a biz (She’s created a $500k/year biz herself so ya gotta know she’s doing a lot of things right!)  So if you’re interested in learning her proven strategies definitely register for this 3-day training where she’ll be teaching you to generate your own 6-figure income and attract new clients with ease.  Here’s the special link to register as my guest:  Get To Yes!

4) My New Complimentary Teletraining Call!
Anyone out there want to
Wake Up Your Money Mojo?  
Yes!  You DO have Money Mojo– Trust me!!

And to help you access it better I’m holding a new no-charge teletraining in just a few weeks – September 18th to be exact – and it will definitely help you to wake up your magic with money!  You do have a magic– a mojo– with money but it’s been covered up and hard to access.

Let me help you wake it up and shake it up and get it moving!

You’ll be getting a separate email in a few days to sign up for this call so this is a heads up to look for it in your Inbox soon!

Plus– this call is a preview call for my new 6-week Awaken Your Money Mojo training!  You’ll learn more about this new course on the call and have a chance to sign up for the early bird special too!  Stay tuned!!


Vibration Booster

Abraham-Hicks tells us that to bump up to the next level on the vibrational scale we need to hold a positive emotional state for something like 76 seconds (sorry- I may have misquoted the length there but 76 is pretty close!). 
So here’s a fun video that will make you laugh — and if it doesn’t you’re made of stone! 😉  Loop it, laugh along and I’m pretty sure you’ll be bumped up at least one level!
Click to Laugh & Bump up a Notch!

(Reminder:  We create what we want and life flows SO much more easily when we are in a higher vibration!)

The Agony of Debt
(this is a small piece of what I talked about on EFT Radio today…)

Why do we end up in debt?  What’s it all about?

There are so many reasons we fall into debt—Mine was a sense of deprivation and my own unworthiness.   I was trying to fill a need, to make myself feel better by buying stuff- even if that feeling only lasted for a moment (and was later followed by guilt and shame and fear and anxiety).

Over-spending is a way of self-soothing.  We feel crappy about something else—our relationship with our husband is off the rails– and we want to feel better.  So we go buy a handbag because it feels goo or we buy some jewelry off of QVC because darn it- we work hard and feel like we deserve it (even though the money isn’t in the bank) and nobody ELSE is giving it to us– So There!  (can you feel that I’m using my own examples here too?!)  In that way it can be like a rebellion.

The reasons we rack up debt are endless but here’s the thing— The spending which causes the Debt does something FOR us!  It’s a SOLUTION—an oddly brilliant way that we take care of ourselves.

And you know what?
It’s the best that our mind could come up with at that time.  It’s our mind’s strategy to meet our needs—not necessarily a great one—but with the undercurrents of the wounds, fears and beliefs we’re carrying, it’s what our mind was able to come up with as a strategy for fulfilling needs and even protecting ourselves.  Does that make sense?  The subconscious really doesn’t operate in logic so don’t expect it to make normal logical sense!

When I work with clients who are struggling with debt and the creation of money I always encourage them thank their mind for trying to help and for coming up with this brilliant way of meeting their needs.

Yes, it can be self-destructive (and it- the debt- ultimately is a reflection of what we feel inside about ourselves and is a reinforcement of the beliefs we have about ourselves). But the intention for the mind was to help and soothe.  Once we honor the old strategy a bit of wiggle room is created and the grip of that old solution is loosened.  Then we are more open to shifting into something healthier and constructive as a way to meet those unfulfilled needs.   And so debt is a solution— but the good news is, it isn’t the Only solution!

Tapping to Loosen the Grip of Debt as a Solution

Even though I have this debt and I hate it I accept how I feel and that my mind was trying to help.

Even though this debt is killing me!  I hate the stress and fear and overwhelm of it!  I honor my mind for trying to make me feel better.

Even though I’m so stressed out because of this debt and I’m angry that I did this to myself, I accept myself and how I feel anyway.

Tapping through the points:

All this debt
I hate this debt!
And I’m mad at myself!!
I can’t believe I have all this debt
And it’s killing me
How am I ever going to get out of it?
How can I pay it off?
I’m so stressed out
So overwhelmed
And I judge myself for over-spending and creating this problem
What was I thinking?
Why did I spend all that money?
It’s money I didn’t have
And I can’t pay it back
At least not quickly
All this debt
It’s agonizing for me!
The pressure and worry
I can’t take it
And I’m frustrated with myself
But I wonder what I WAS thinking?
I wonder why I REALLY spent all that money?
I wonder if my debt and spending were doing something for me?
I wonder if my mind may have been trying to help?
It’s a crappy way to help
Cuz look where it’s gotten me
But maybe that’s what this was.
I spend when I feel bad
Because I want to feel better.
And buying that stuff did make me feel better
For the moment
So I wonder if my mind was just trying to help me feel better?
I wonder if this is the best my mind could come up with at the time?
And I wonder if acknowledging that could help me shift.
I’m mired in debt and it’s going nowhere fast
And I wonder if letting go of some of my self-judgment
Could help me loosen the grip
The grip of the debt
The grip of the strategy to make me feel better.
I DO have needs
And they need to be filled
And this was the way my mind chose to do it.
So maybe I can thank my mind
Maybe it’s ok to loosen the self-judgment
And maybe in doing that I can begin to turn this around
And perhaps I can be open to a new solution
A new strategy
For getting my needs met
One that supports me
Instead of tears me down
Thank you Mind for what you tried to do for me
I appreciate your help
But I think I’m ready for a new strategy
I’m ready for my needs to be met
In a new and healthy way
I choose to be open to clarity
And a new, positive solution now.

Ok!  Thank you for reading and I hope that you found some valuable nuggets today!

Stay tuned for more to come!!

To Your Infinite Success & Abundance,

Heidi + today’s special assistant, NixNoox
(who keeps pooping on my screen
and trying to bite off the keys)  

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