**Note: I’d like to dedicate this post to all of my friends living and working in Japan and suffering through the giant traumas of the earthquake, tsunami and continuing aftershocks. I wrote this post just prior to these events and my prayers are with you.

For many of us the word “trauma” means a big, giant, horrifying experience.  And in many cases that is certainly true.  But to our energy system and subconscious many past, seemingly small and insignificant experiences may be stored as trauma.  Anything that makes you gasp in surprise, jump in fear or make you feel that bottomless pit in your stomach can actually qualify as trauma.

Here are some examples of large trauma:

*Being involved in a car accident
*Experiencing a divorce (as an adult or a child)
*Death of a spouse or child
*Physical, Sexual, Mental Abuse
*Collapse of a business
*Loss of a job
*Witnessing a violent act

Examples of small trauma could include:

*Forgetting your lines in the school play
*Learning your were the butt of a joke among your peers
*Being reprimanded unjustly by a trusted teacher
*Being startled at a large thunderclap
*Failing a test in college
*Realizing that the mortgage check bounced
*Falling flat on your face in front of a crowd
*Being called on and getting the answer wrong

Our lives are full of potentially traumatic events!  Even things like watching the nightly news can be traumatizing!  (So turn it off and select the news you want to read about in the paper or select what you want to watch online!  Don’t let yourself be bombarded over and over again night after night!)

When we experience large or small trauma, often the physical body takes it on, “downloads” the experience into our tissues and energy system and stores it there where it sits and percolates.  Our bodies are like giant receptacles but do not have limitless capacity.  At some point there is overflow and that is when, among other things, we can pop a symptom, experience pain, feel overwhelm, stress and the inability to move forward.  Traumas, big and small can have a giant impact on how we do business, interact with our significant others,  on our body’s ability to heal or to not heal, and even whether or not we remain in debt or are bringing in the bucks.  So don’t trivialize those seemingly “little” events and hurts in your past (or present) because they could be keeping you from reaching your goals and dreams!

Look below for some guided tapping on how to release some of the smaller traumas we have absorbed.   {Larger trauma — especially sustained and repeated trauma –may be best dealt with in partnership with a trained & experienced therapist/EFT practitioner.  Tapping tends to unearth memories and feelings that could be disorienting and even re-traumatizing and trained practitioners use special approaches so that the releasing and clearing process is safe and much less overwhelming.}

*Before beginning tapping, pinpoint a small trauma event that you’d like to clear, identify the emotions it triggers, rate them on a scale of 1-10 and note where you feel it in your body.  We don’t necessarily have to relive our traumatic experiences in order to release them so first try tapping on “that time” or “that experience.”   If you’re not getting the results you’d like then try adding in a bit of detail but not so much as to cause distress.

**If you are a new subscriber and unfamiliar with EFT & Meridian Tapping click here to watch a tutorial video on the How to Tap page.

Releasing Small Trauma

Karate Chop Point:

Even though I can’t believe that happened and I still remember it clearly I respect how I feel and am now open to letting it go.

Even though that was kind of traumatic for me back then and it’s still with me today I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I went through that and it made me feel ______ I accept that I am safe now and choose to release this from my body and mind.

Tapping Through the Points:

That time back then

It’s still with me

I felt so ______

It didn’t feel safe

I didn’t feel safe

I still remember that time

It’s still affecting me today

I feel it in my _______(stomach, head, back)

I’ve been carrying this around a long time

That was actually a big deal for me

I kind of dismissed it before

But it really affected me

That experience was actually a trauma

I honor my mind for protecting me

I’m grateful for my body for taking the impact

But I’m ready to let it go now

I’ve been holding on too long

That time back then

I still remember

I felt so ______

It made an impact

I’m still carrying it with me

That traumatic event

I realize now it was a trauma for me

And that’s ok

But I’m ready to move on

I’m ready to let go

It made me feel unsafe

It made me feel unprepared

It made me feel unprotected

And I can see I still feel that way

But it’s time to let it go

I’m open to clearing this trauma

I’m ready to let it go

I choose to release the fear it caused

I accept that I am safe now

Releasing all the fear

Releasing all the hurt

Releasing this trauma from my mind and body

And knowing I am safe

Take a deep breath and reassess your emotional intensity and how your physical symptoms have changed.  Keep going through the above script to decrease your intensity and when you get below a “5” move on to the positive round below.

Tapping Through the Points:

I’m letting it go

This old experience

Releasing it from my body

Releasing it from my mind

Replacing it with peace

Replacing it with calm

Grateful to my mind

Grateful to my body

Feeling safe again

Feeling calm

Clearing it from my system

No need to hold on

Feeling in control

Feeling protected

Feeling free

I honor my strength

I honor my Inner Self

For keeping me safe

For helping me let go

Claiming peace

Claiming love

Claiming calm

Claiming safety

Feeling joy

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