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A Silly Question (and re-remembering of some special guidance and magic)

Thank you for reading this.¬† We’re all so inundated these days and I appreciate you taking the time to stop and see what I’m sharing. ūüôā Silly question but – Have you ever lost something?¬†¬†Like your car keys, your purse or your phone?¬†Something you use all the time, that’s always close at hand¬†and then¬† It’s […]

Tap-Talking with My Inner Gorilla

The other day I was really feeling like I didn’t wanna sit down and do my morning check-in with the Universe.¬† I have this morning routine where I like to get quiet and connect-in with Source and my angels but that day I was resisting like crazy!¬† Each time I tried I couldn’t get focused.¬† […]