Heidi Garis, psychotherapist, intuitive energy healer and integrated energy coach,  has been helping high achievers create greater success and inner happiness for nearly 2 decades.  Working from the inside out, resolving limiting beliefs, past trauma and present challenges, she has guided her clients in creating an internal landscape that empowers them into an authentic expression of who they are,  allowing them live into and actualize their highest goals, dreams and inner fulfillment.   

Heidi has also answered a years-long inner-calling and recently expanded her practice.  She now works closely with public figures who are looking for relief and resolution from the unique pressures, and emotional and professional challenges that come with a high degree of visibility, fame and celebrity. 

She affords all her clients the utmost privacy and confidentiality, creating a safe haven in which to heal, grow, transform and create true happiness, inner peace and soul-level fulfillment. 

Heidi blends her extensive training and experience and utilizes cutting-edge energy therapies to empower her clients’ transformation.  Among her degrees and certifications Heidi has both bachelors and masters degrees in clinical social work,  advanced EFT certification, master success coach certification, is a Reiki master teacher, an ordained interfaith minister and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in metaphysical psychology.