Thank you for reading this.¬† We’re all so inundated these days and I appreciate you taking the time to stop and see what I’m sharing. ūüôā

Silly question but –

Have you ever lost something? 

Like your car keys, your purse or your phone? 
Something you use all the time, that’s always close at hand¬†and then¬†

It’s gone.

And you search.
And search.
And search.
And then you search some more.

You look high.
You look low.
You look in things.
You look on top of things.
You look behind and under and 
EVERYWHERE you can conceive of!

And still nothing, nada nope!
No trace of your thing.

It’s maddening.
I usually call in my angels and guides when this kind of thing happens
and end up finding my thing pretty quickly-
sometimes in just minutes.

But this time was NOT that.
And this time it was my husband’s thing, his brand-spankin’ new iPad
(that I’d given him!)¬†¬†

He’d¬†JUST¬†had it literally in.his.hand.
Remembers carrying it from one place to another.
Remembers calculating tax stuff with it…¬†
(we were running the last minute gauntlet of corporate and biz taxes –¬†made it¬†just¬†under the wire- Phew!)

He had it!
And then he didn’t.¬†¬†

It. Just. Disappeared.

So we BOTH went hunting
High, low, in, out, on top of, under and behind…
And nothing, nada, nope, zilch.
He was almost convinced some rando thief ducked into the house and nabbed
that one thing and didn’t bother to grab my purse,¬†the laptop,¬†the other iPad or¬†my jewelry…¬†

“Now if I can just find an iPad my life will be complete…”

I thought that was silly.
So I turned (finally!) to my guides and angels.
They assured me it was in the house but I couldn’t whittle it down to exactly where.
So we continued to search and agonize.

Did he somehow put it in the luggage that had been sitting around since vacation that we just put away that weekend?
Did I somehow toss it out with recycling?!
Did my daughter take it and not fess up when we asked?

(BTW, suspecting our daughter did NOT feel good and our minds wandered into some crazy, irrational and unsettling ‘what if’s.’ She’s a great kid but kids- teenagers, well, you know. That whole impulsive, not totally developed frontal lobe thing…)

I turned to my guides again and got a clear message to “consider another perspective.”
So I held back from cornering and interrogating my daughter.
And then¬†my guides dropped in something I wished I’d remembered earlier.

Future gratitude, Heidi. 
Practice future gratitude!

Of course!
So obvious!
But I was so wrapped up in finding the thing (and being frustrated with hubby) that I didn’t leave space for better solutions.

Right then and there I started to say thank you.

“Thank you for showing me where it was!”
“Thank you for getting it back to us!”
“Wooo-hoooo!¬† I’m so tickled that we found it!”
“It feels amazing and magical how it just showed up like that!”
“Yay!¬† Now I can spend the replacement money on something else!”

When I got home I¬†“grati-tapped”¬†too!
I just tapped through the points while expressing¬†gratitude and allowed¬†myself to feel¬†as if we’d already found it.

Guess what happened?

Shortly after getting home I jumped up from the sofa 
(spray bottle in-hand cuz I’m trying to train our new kitten to stay off the¬†table)
and as my eyes landed on the storage bench in the dining room…
I heard the words 

“False bottom.”

I knew there wasn’t a false bottom in the bench but
with the now-wet-cat off the table I lifted the lid and I heard the words

“False top.”

It’s a padded storage bench, the place where hubby stores his laptop, cords,
and his iPad.

We’d searched it 20x each already and knew it wasn’t there.

But when I heard the words ‘false top’ I noticed the fabric on the underside of the lid had come loose
and lo and behold, as I reached in
I felt something that shouldn’t be there!

Apparently hubby had lifted the lid, slid the iPad in but instead of going into the storage space below, it slipped into the “false top.”

I literally did a little jig of joy right then and there!
(and said “Thank you!”)

So- a couple-a things:

1) instead of getting wrapped up in the frustration of things, I re-remembered that my guides and angels are available for even the little things

2) practicing future gratitude (and gratitude-tapping) works like MAGIC in manifesting!

Try it! Give it a go and let me know what happens!
I’d love to celebrate with you!

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Bye for now!

Love ‘n Magic,

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