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One way to manifest your heart’s desire

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here in the US! Despite the controversial origins of this holiday, gratitude is ALWAYS relevant- ALWAYS magical in its natural way of boosting our mood, our vibration and opening up avenues for what we desire to be our reality. So- what is a heart’s desire for you? We’re coming […]

A Silly Question (and re-remembering of some special guidance and magic)

Thank you for reading this.¬† We’re all so inundated these days and I appreciate you taking the time to stop and see what I’m sharing. ūüôā Silly question but – Have you ever lost something?¬†¬†Like your car keys, your purse or your phone?¬†Something you use all the time, that’s always close at hand¬†and then¬† It’s […]

The Magic We Be

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when stuff like this ‘happens’– (not the beginning of my story but the end!) ūüôā Last year tax time¬†traumatized me. ¬† I’d had my best year ever but¬†despite dutifully¬†paying quarterly estimates, when the time came to sit in front of my accountant and receive the verdict of what more I owed, […]

What in the World Are You Holding Onto That For?!?!

What in the World Are You Holding Onto That For?!?! I recently attended a wonderful marketing mastery workshop with EFT Business Coach, Pamela Bruner, and was challenged to “uplevel” in some areas– Even a small up-leveling gives the message to yourself and others that you deserve abundance and are worth it!¬† And in terms of […]