I LOVE LOVE LOVE when stuff like this ‘happens’–

(not the beginning of my story but the end!) ūüôā


Last year tax time traumatized me.  

I’d had my best year ever but¬†despite dutifully¬†paying quarterly estimates, when the time came to sit in front of my accountant and receive the verdict of what more I owed, I was stunned into silence. ¬†

I think¬†I ¬†fear-faceintuitively knew I could be facing a figure I’d never faced before because I was compelled to plug in and soak up some powerful¬†abundance frequency music by Jarrad Hewett all the way¬†down to¬†the meeting. ¬†And¬†those energies¬†helped me remain upright and at least semi-conscious¬†when¬†I heard that terrible number!

¬†Despite the shock of it all I was in some pretty interesting spirits during my ride home. I had ZERO IDEA how I was going to come up with that much money for the government within 6 weeks,¬†but I was kind of feeling¬†tickled that I had earned a nice amount of money and the tax I owed was a sign of the awesome year I’d created. ¬†

I ended up manifesting that money in a fun, unexpected way (yea!), However– this year I procrastinated and procrastinated and procrastinated when tax time came (and I didn’t tap on it because I honestly didn’t want to face it!) ¬†

I rescheduled my appointment once and then twice– And the second time my accountant didn’t have an opening before 4/15 so he filed an extension for me. ¬†

Phew!  A reprieve!  

I paid some in  (because, naughty me had not paid quarterlies- Yikes!) and then turned my mind FAR, FAR, AWAY from any thought of taxes.  

I knew I had a full 6 months until I absolutely had to get the paperwork completed and the onerous check written but was determined to not procrastinate that badly.  (Ha!)  

avoidBut I did.  And right up to the proverbial wire!  

I was terrified of hearing another god-awful amount I would have to give to the government and knew I was avoiding that moment until I didn’t have a choice. ¬†

So, at the beginning of last– Yes, LAST— week,¬†I finally started compiling the info, adding and subtracting all through Monday and Tuesday¬†–and of course it always¬†takes so much longer than I expect.¬†

I was up until 6am Wednesday morning tying it all together for my straight-up, high-noon appointment (cue foreboding music). ¬† I’d gotten through the night by playing some new manifestation and abundance frequency tracks (again by Jarrad Hewett). ¬†I also listened to some other cool energy clearings ( by Dain Heer of Access Consciousness) and was reminded of the awesome energy¬†expansion question,

“What would it take for me to….” ¬†

And I was reminded to ask it with the energy of curiosity.  eyes-bloodshot

So, after 3 hours of fitful sleep, dread and resignation, I drug my butt- and paperworkРinto my car, and off I went.  

On the way, that question flowed back to me.  I filled in the blank this time and asked playfully,

“What would it take for me to get a refund this year?”¬†


And I literally burst out loud laughing at the absurdity! ¬†I’d made almost the same as the last year so of course I would be paying in another giant sum. ¬†And yet I felt really curious about what it would actually take for a refund to find its way back to me. ¬†I did have more expenses than last time around but surely not enough to qualify for a refund. ¬†

Apparently I forgot just how magic we can all be!

After a few hours, when all the figures were totaled and calculated, my accountant looked across his desk at me and said,

“Are you ready? ¬†Brace yourself, ok?” ¬†

And so I did.  I literally grasped the arms of the chair and held on for dear life.  And then I heard him say,  

“You’re getting a refund.” ¬†happy-piggy-bank

I nearly fell off the chair and burst out laughing as he extended his hand across the desk and exclaimed, “Well played, Heidi! ¬†Well played!” ¬†

Now,¬†my accountant is not just your run-of-the-mill accountant. ¬†He is a certified fraud investigator for the IRS. ¬†I chose him because not only do I want to minimize the possibility of an audit but because he seriously knows his stuff. ¬†So there was nothing shady about my results. ¬†It was just the magic that I was- the energy of curiosity, possibility and willingness to receive— along with some great deductions and a fabulous accountant!¬†¬†

Some might say that it’s all¬†just numbers and it would have happened that way anyway. ¬†But I think the Universe was weaving magic for me all along¬†and I just allowed myself to receive it! ¬†magical

So, whatever you’re desiring to manifest and create, begin living in the question and curiosity of, “What would it take for…..” and see what shows up!


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