What in the World Are You Holding Onto That For?!?!

I recently attended a wonderful marketing mastery workshop with EFT Business Coach, Pamela Bruner, and was challenged to “uplevel” in some areas– Even a small up-leveling gives the message to yourself and others that you deserve abundance and are worth it!  And in terms of energy, upleveling will increase your vibration and align to receiving more!  Ask yourself right now, “What am I putting up with?”  “What small change or improvement can I make right now that would help me to uplevel?”  Look below to see what I FINALLY let go of and upleveled:

Yes, those ratty, beat up and disintegrating disgraces are – were- my slippers!  For those of you who have your sessions in person with me I’m sure this is welcome news!   My indoor slippers (which I wear due to a decade of living in Japan and not being able to feel right about wearing shoes in the house!) were basically falling apart.  While I kept potential odor at bay with fragrant essential oils I could no longer ignore the embarrassing truth that it was WAY past time to let go and move on!  So now I have nice, new, pretty slippers and funnily enough, each time I put them on I feel grateful & am reminded that I was really putting up with and settling for “less than”.   And in doing so, in a small way I was putting out the energy that I was ok with a lack of abundance!  So now it’s your turn!  My challenge to you is to uplevel something in your own life this week!   Write me your responses and  send me your pics!

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