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Belief is Everything! (click)

Sometimes Hollywood can come up with some brilliant, thought-provoking scenes and this was one for me.  Belief is so important to our success and I think pretty much pre-determines whether or not we’ll achieve what we want.  But what happens when we don’t believe we can do something?  We end up TRYING and struggling and straining to succeed.  And sometimes we get there– but often the “getting there” isn’t much fun.  Other times we end up giving-up on our goal and that’s no fun either.  One way we can remedy this is to remember a smaller, easier success in the past and use that to build on the belief that this bigger goal is possible.   And just like Yoda says, there really is no difference between moving little rocks and a swamp-bound spaceship (is that what was in there?!  I need to go back and watch this movie again!).  The difference is in your mind– the principle is the same.  Just like manifesting $5.00 or $500 — they are equally easy to create.  It’s our belief that makes it difficult!  (I’ve actually been experiementing with this lately and it’s been FUN FUN FUN!!  I’ll be sharing those stories in my upcoming workshop and in my Inner Circle program so if you’re interested join me in one or both! )    So take those prior successes, claim the confidence it built for you,  go forth and DO (no try) !

Here’s a little tap-along to help shift your belief:

With a specific goal you’d like to achieve in mind, state out loud:  “I can do this.  This is totally possible for me.”

Rate 1-10 how true that feels.
Now tap:
(Starting on the karate chop point)

Even though I don’t think I can do this — it’s too hard and too big, I honor myself anyway.
Even though this is different– this goal is going to be harder to achieve than anything I’ve done before,  I’m open to a new truth for me.
Even though small things are easy and bigger things are hard so I don’t think I can actually pull this off, I accept and honor myself anyway.

(Now tap through the points– if you’re new to tapping refer to my website on the “How to Tap” page for the points)

I can’t do this
No way, no how
It’s just too hard
It’s too big
Who am I to think I can actually do this?
There is just no way
I can’t do this
It’s going to be difficult
I’m going to have to struggle
It’s going to be painful
And it’s definitely NOT going to be easy!
I don’t think I can
I’m almost sure I can’t
and that’s my truth
I totally doubt myself
I have zero confidence
There’s just no way I can actually meet this goal
If it were smaller
If it weren’t so big
Maybe I could
I think I could
I’ve succeeded in the past with other things
But they were smaller
But this– this is different!
Just because I achieved that other smaller thing
Doesn’t mean I can do this
It’s totally different!
Or is it?
I wonder if it’s all that different?
It sure FEELS different!
It feels bigger
Almost impossible!
Impossible for me
But I wonder
I wonder if maybe it’s not
I wonder if maybe it’s not so different
I HAVE succeeded before
I HAVE done some pretty great things
Yeah, they were smaller
And they seemed easier
But I wonder if my belief had anything to do with that
I wonder if I thought I could
If I’d be able to?
I wonder if I my doubt is holding me back?
I think I’d like to shift my belief around this
I think if I had more confidence this wouldn’t feel so hard
And then maybe I could really do this
Maybe I could
Nah– no I couldn’t
But what if I could?
I think I’m going to try
I think I’m going to give it a go
No- I’m going to DO!
I think I’m going to honor my past successes
And choose to feel this is possible too
Releasing my doubt
Releasing my fear
Releasing “I can’t”
Open to a new belief
Open to confidence
Open to “I can!”

Now go back, restate “I can do this. This is totally possible for me.”
How does it feel now?
If it feels better, great!  Keep tapping until it’s super-low.  If nothing happened try getting more specific.  If it got stronger (harder to believe) that’s ok too– It means we stirred things up that we’re right on target– Do another round or two and it should come down!

As always with tapping, the more specific you can be the better the results.  So if you recall a time when you failed at something and that’s holding you back take some time to tap on that and let go of what that did to you– If it created fear, lack of confidence, doubt… tap it away, tap on forgiving yourself and then tap in the “I can” with this new goal.  And remember– there’s really no difference between $5 and $500 — it’s all in your belief!

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    Very intriguing. Thanks for sharing.