“I reject your reality and substitute my own!”  I always laughed when ‘mad scientist’ Adam of Mythbusters made that comment in the opening credits.  But recently his words echoed in my ears when I realized how poignant (have I ever used that word before?) they are.  Although I have a pretty open-minded circle of friends and colleagues there are still those in my world who just accept reality for what it is.  They field what life ‘throws at them and feel they don’t have much control or say over their circumstances.  Their viewpoint is that life happens ‘to’ them and they are left only with reaction.

And as much as I care about them I lovingly reject that reality and choose to substitute a more empowered one.

One where we have the ability to design our world – not just accept what’s served up to us.  One where we are creators and manifestors and we have conscious choice.  When I first realized this – that we do have control and we are creators – I felt a freedom I’d never felt before!  Excitement over infinite possibility surged through me and I finally gripped the reigns I didn’t even know where in my hands.  You see, up until that point, like so many of my friends, I didn’t know there was another way.  Life generally happened to me too and while I had some modicum of control – like studying for a test so I could achieve a better grade, or choosing a house salad (oh the horror!) over fettucini alfredo  so I could fit in my skinny jeans – I didn’t get that I was actually the creator of my reality.   So now I play a different game and it’s a whole lot more fun!

Of course, it also means I’m much more responsible for what shows up in my life!  That lack of cash for a long- planned vacation or an amazing speaking gig falling through or even slipping on the pavement and twisting my ankle – Yep!  That was my doing!  So crap- If I take credit for the good with this creator stuff then I have to take credit for the not-so-good too.

But the awesome thing about that is I get to look at what happened, figure out why I wasn’t congruent with what I desired (because we can only bring into our reality what we’re internally lined-up with) and then go about clearing the fears or beliefs that created it and substituting them with exactly what is congruent with what I want.

So if I’m feeling guilty about spending money for vacation or that I’m not polished enough to speak at that big conference or if I’m lined up with the energy of victimhood I can’t help but bring about things that support those thoughts and emotions.  The Universe simply can’t deliver what we’re not lined up with!

So what do we do?  First, we make the choice for consciousness.  We must be conscious and aware before we can shift anything.  Second, we choose to clear the way of things that are blocking us from our dreams and desires.  Third, we choose to create the internal foundation to support what we desire.  And fourth, take action.  Then rinse and repeat with each aspect of your life!

Remember – no door is closed!  You can have everything you desire!  Possibility is infinite!  You are the creator and you have choice!!   Be a  Mythbuster!  Reject the reality that isn’t serving you and substitute the one you desire!  How does it get any better than that?!

*If you don’t have a clearing technique to remove your blocks check out my website for info and instructions on how to use EFT.  Tapping is one of the most effective tools I use for myself and my clients to help create more money, freedom and success!!  www.tapintoabundancenow.com/how-to-tap

To Your Extraordinary Success & Abundance,Heidi

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