You’ve got problems.  


I’ve got problems.  


We all have problems. 

And they suck.  

But, as I was reminded by one of my very favorite people in the world the other day… 

Every subject is actually TWO subjects.

So, if there is lack there is also abundance.  

If there is fear there is also safety.  

If there is failure there is also success.  

And… if there is a problem there is also, absolutely, guaranteed every time…

a SOLUTION.  board-953156_1280

Or multiple solutions.  


How exciting is that?!!!

This is what the Law of Polarity illustrates.  

It’s Universal Law for us here in our 3-dimensional reality which is really exciting!  

Because it means there is always hope.  

There is ALWAYS possibility.  

There are ALWAYS solutions no matter what we are facing!

Our job simply, is to ask and then be open and aligned to seeing and receiving them.

So what does that mean?

Now, if we’re not really looking for a solution, or if we’re subconsciously avoiding a solution because to find one would mean a whole host of ‘consequences,’ we are going to deflect the ones that show up or we’ll be unable to see them for what they are.  

We need to be on-board on the inside and in agreement for solutions to reach us. 

So what if we’re not?

Cool beans cuz there’s a solution for that too!  

We can use powerful tools & techniques like Tapping or Access Consciousness, to shift our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

And when we do that, and come into the space of, ‘Yessiree-bob, I DO want a solution’, the heavens part, the angels sing and your solution can come to you as if by magic! light-bulb-376927_1280

Your Energy Shift for The Day
Pose these clearing questions to yourself over a few days around a specific problem or challenge you’re facing and set the intention to notice the solutions that present themselves to you.  AND remember- you have to be in alignment with receiving an answer in order for it to show up!
*(If you suspect you’re not in alignment check out my Facebook page (Tap Into Abundance Now with EFT) and go through my videos on Resistance)

Ok, here ya go:

Wherever I see a problem without a solution will I uncreate and destroy all of that now? 
(just say yes and let the energy do the rest!)

Wherever I’ve concluded that this problem doesn’t have a solution or that an ideal solution isn’t available to me now, will I delete, release and uncreate that now?
(just say ‘yes’)

Universe/Source/God- Show me my optimal solution today in a way that I can receive it.

What generative energy can I be to allow the optimal solution to come to me?

What energy space and consciousness can I be  that will allow me to be the solution I am searching for?


I’d love to hear your thoughts and what shows up for you after running these clearings so post here on my blog or email me at heidi@tapintoabundancenow.com.


To Your Infinite Possibility,


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