A little while ago I realized that my business was running me instead of me running my business.  

Any of you entrepreneurs out there relate?  

On the one hand I LOVE what I do.  I took my passion and turned it into my life’s work.  

So what was I doing in my free time?  

Reading up on new energy techniques, researching healing modalities, taking classes, attending conferences, getting my own healing work done….

And although I’m sure it was a process and didn’t happen overnight, I looked up one day recently and realized that I had ZERO idea of what to do for fun.  

My husband has no problem with this — at all.  Even though he also made his passion his work, playing golf for him is fun and sheer enjoyment just in the doing of it.  

When I do my work in my free time there’s definitely enjoyment but there’s also always an element of work.  And the fact that I couldn’t, for the life of me, come up with something I love doing (that has nothing to do with work) made me realize I’d lost sight of me and of joy without strings.  

I’d have a day to myself and think, “Yes!  Today it’s ALL about me.  Today I’m going to do something I LOVE to do.”  And then I’d get stuck.  

Do I want to go shopping?  No.  

Do I want to get my nails done?  Meh.  

Do I want to go to the gym?  Definitely not!


I had spent YEARS doing what I loved and forgot how to play, how to just be and enjoy something for the sake of it– not for the sake of learning more so I can give more and more and more to my clients and my family and my pets and my loved ones.  

What about me?  

So I set off on a quest a few months ago to re-discover my joy.  I started, of course, in my biz and expanded it to daily life stuff.  Whenever I had a decision to make I would ask this question:  

What will bring me more joy? 


It wasn’t easy at first.  I’d often forget to ask the question and giving myself permission to choose joy first wasn’t a reflex I was used to.  But it got easier and easier and although I’m still not choosing joy 100% of the time I’m choosing it more and more.

So it’s been an interesting few months having this question as my constant companion.  Not only have the last few months been more joy-filled but I’ve also worked less and attracted more money!  

How does it get any better than that?!  

Also, my magic and miracles quotient has gone way up!  Surprising, delightful things have begun to ‘happen’ and I’m experiencing much more FLOW in everything!

And- Bonus:  I discovered something I just LOVE doing! (see below)  

It puts me in touch with the possibility of the seemingly impossible, grounds me at the same time and is just plain fun!  

I call my creations … wait for it — there’s a play on words here so get ready … I call them:

‘Heidi Rocks’  


I’m no expert yet but just wait… If I’m capable of this as a beginner I wonder how much more reality defying I can get?!  

And– how will that expand my joy?

AND– what more am I capable of in my overall reality?  

So how about you?  

Are you ready for a level of joy that will rock your reality?  

Borrow my question and get ready to rock! 

Heidi Rocks:


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