Hello, Hello and a Belated Ho-Ho-Ho for those of you who celebrated Christmas!  And for ALL of you – no matter what you celebrate – my wish for you is Big Love, Giant Joy and Incredible Inner Peace!

I have been mostly unplugged and hunkered down in my PJs  reveling in my wonderful winter solstice break.  For several years now I’ve taken the week between Christmas and New Years to unwind and recharge–  which, this year, kinda translates into putting my feet up, binge-watching Netflix (seriously- check out “The OA”!), hanging upside down several times a day (hubby caved in to my pleadings and got me an inversion table– weeeeee!!) doing my sudoku puzzles and catching up on the teetering pile of books by my bed.   It’s been heaven!

The other thing I like to do before the clock ticks over and into a new year is an empowering ritual that helps me set my energy and intentions for the next 12 months and really creates more ease and flow in all my ‘doings’.  

My usual ritual consists of asking and answering a set of questions, and this year I’m also adding in a bit of gratitude, celebration and self-forgiveness since it’s so easy to dip into self-judgment and ‘coulda-shoulda-woulda’s.’

So if you’d like a manifesting boost to your year join me in posing, pondering, journaling and setting your powerful intentions for 2017:


*What am I most proud of doing/being/achieving this year?
*What supported me in creating this? (beliefs, experiences, seen & unseen support, etc.)
*Would I love to create/be/achieve more of this in 2017?

*What brought me joy/happiness this past year?
*Am I willing to double or triple my happiness this year?
*What would I need to embrace to do that?
*What would I need to release or say ‘no’ to?

*What’s left over from last year that’s still unfinished?
*Will finishing it move me toward or away from what I desire in 2017?
*If I choose to complete it, how can I do that in a delightful way?

*What did I want to achieve that didn’t happen in 2016?
*Am I willing to forgive and release myself for not achieving it?
*Am I willing to decrease the significance I’ve created around not achieving this?
*What beliefs or fears held me back from reaching this goal last year?
*Do I still desire to achieve this in 2017?
*What can I do differently/ How can I be differently that would create more ease in achieving this goal?

*What were my biggest blocks in creating what I desired in 2016?
*What shifts would I need to make so the same blocks don’t get in my way this year?
*Am I willing to make these shifts?

*What am I willing to receive in 2017 that I wasn’t in 2016?
*What am I willing to shift to expand my receiving ability?

*Who am I most grateful to?
*What am I most grateful for?
*How did gratitude support me?
*Am I willing to create or continue a daily gratitude practice?

*What things can I celebrate about me?
*HOW am I willing to celebrate me?

*What is KEY in my creating the life I desire?
*Am I willing to intentionally surround myself with those keys?

*What are 3 Life-Changing Goals I’d love to manifest/achieve this year?
*Have I DECIDED to create what I desire in 2017?
*Am I willing to STAND for myself in 2017?
*Am I willing to BELIEVE that all of this is possible for me and that I HAVE IT IN ME to do these things?

Take a few moments- or take a few days-  and give some or all of these questions intentional thought. Grab your journal and just write as things begin to flow.

When we unconsciously go from day to day, month to month, year to year and don’t actively take stock, life happens TO us.  But we are too powerful to let that happen!

Grab the reigns!  We’re on the horse anyway so why not make conscious choices and begin guiding ourselves in the direction we want to go?  Yes, there will be blocks, beliefs and fears to clear but we’ll also get to experience the potency of our innate abilities when we are consciously choosing and actively creating!

We are incredible beings full of the ability to divinely create amazing things!  We deserve the richness of life in all its facets and I KNOW we can tap into our hidden powers!

Stay tuned this year and join me in choosing to uplevel your biz and life.

And here’s a secret:

When we really choose something we are instantly on the verge of creating it and are ever so much closer than we think!

Happiest New Year to You & See you on the Other Side!!


Your Energy Shift for this New Year’s Eve:

What would it take for me to release myself from the disappointments, failures and shortcomings of 2016 and step into my power and potency in 2017?  And anything that doesn’t allow me to do that will I uncreate, delete and destroy now?
(Just say yes and let the energy do the rest!)

To Your Infinite Abundance,

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