Sometimes ya just gotta wonder.

And right now I’m wondering.

pixa rice beans up edit newsletterAnd the question I am posing to myself is:

Am I just a colossal klutz with no grace whatsoever or a subconscious genius with superior self-sabotage skills?

Read on and judge for yourself.

The day started out great.  I worked all morning, had some great sessions with amazing clients and then went about clearing out the ever-constant flooding of my inbox.   There were some messages that needed attention…. and some not-so-urgent beckonings to buy stuff at sale prices from Groupon and Hay House.  I gave them all a bit of time before I realized I’d better get moving because before too long the pitter patter of my daughter’s feet (who are now as big as mine) will take me out of the possibility of getting any work done for the rest of the day.  And so, I made my way to the kitchen with the intention of having a quick lunch and then down to the business part of my business.

pixa rice n beans edit down newsletterWell, a few microwave moments later (I know, not the healthiest but…) as I set my drink and rice ‘n beans on the coffee table and turned around to re-position my sweet little overly-empathic and immobile pup (another story for another time), I heard the unmistakable ‘plop-whoosh-sploosh’ of my drink AND my lunch landing upside down on the floor.

I guess I’ve evolved to a certain degree when I saw the larger-than-you-think-would-be-possible mess on the carpet, I only let out an audible sigh accompanied by a slight roll of the eyes.  Of course I needed to minimize the stains so I promptly broke out the wet-vac (which is definitely on my gratitude list today) and used up about 15 minutes of what-could-have-been-work time spraying, scrubbing and sucking up the mess.

Satisfied I then re-nuked the salvaged portion of  rice ‘n beans, replenished my drink and CAREFULLY set them down once again.  Time was ticking and my mind kept bugging me about the tiresome task I needed to finish before school let out…. So I wolfed down my lunch and then — went to the fridge for a follow-up piece of cheese.  Curiously, as I was reaching in, I unceremoniously bumped the olives which set off a chain reaction ending in the very full container of bruschetta tumbling into space, landing on my leg, splattering up my new, white sweater and then down to the floor with a now very familiar “plop-whoosh-sploosh.” 

pixa sploosh

Really?!  Another round of eye-rolling accompanied some self-chuckling and  the question of “What would it take to BE grace and flow for the rest of the day?!”

Needless to say, after spot-cleaning my clothes and mopping up the floor (the tile has a nice scent of garlic and oregano now) there wasn’t much time to do that marketing thing so  a few games of Monster Busters sounded good and before I knew it my daughter was dancing through the door.


Mere accidents?


Or a string of things to keep me from getting stuff done?!

If I were trained in psychology (and I am) and helped people stop self-sabotaging (which I do) I think I’d say it points to the latter.

When a task or chore feels threatening to the subconscious, or when it goes against an imprinted belief, then the subconscious unceremoniously bumps you out of the driver’s seat and grabs the wheel.   It may not make a lot of logical sense but our subconscious doesn’t deal in logic.  If I had completed that task then the results could have been more clients, more money, more success.   All things I’d love and which are desires from my conscious mind.  But if I had completed that task the results could also have been, more work, more taxes, more possibility of being judged.  All things I absolutely want to avoid and excellent reasons for my Gorilla to step in and take over.

So how do we get out of our own way?

We partner with our subconscious- or Inner Gorilla.   In order for us to stop self-sabotaging (ie procrastinating, ‘forgetting’ to follow-up, consistently being late etc.)  our Inner Gorilla has to support what you’re wanting consciously.  So using simple energetic clearing and releasing tools is the best way I know to let the Gorilla share the seat- and the steering wheel- with you.  And this is when we’re truly empowered and unstoppable.  When the conscious and subconscious are teamed up together and driving in the same direction is when life flows, you get stuff done and when your rice and beans don’t end up on the floor!inner gorilla partnered

If you suspect yourself of self-sabotage here are a few clearings to help you begin to turn it around:

Wherever I’m scared, threatened and I’ve decided the consequences of doing this thing are just too great- will I uncreate and destroy all that now? (Just say Yes!)

Wherever my Inner Gorilla has judged, concluded and determined that I’m not safe doing this thing, will I destroy and uncreate that? (Just say Yes!)

Wherever I just can’t seem to get this thing done and I don’t know why, will I invite my Gorilla to feel a little safer just taking one small step forward now?  And anything that doesn’t allow that will I destroy and uncreate it? (Just say Yes!)

Of course, you can always use Tapping/EFT too!   So choose your subconscious re-training technique and next time you find that you’re getting in your own way, clear the path so you can take those steps forward!

Well, I guess I can kinda pat myself on the back cuz I’m either really good at dropping spilling and splooshing or I’m a master self-saboteur……. I think I’d better get Tapping!


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