Happy New Year!


Wow– 2016!!
Who’d-a-thunk it would have gotten here so fast?!
Did your year fly by too?
How was your 2015?

It seemed to be an interesting but extra-challenging year for TONS of people- Me included. Most of my colleagues, coach-friends and clients are echoing this too. 2015 was filled with massive bumps and hurdles and reminds me of that time my “born-with-skis-on-their feet Canadian friends suggested we do “one last run” at the end of the day when my legs were like jelly. They eagerly whisked me to the tippety-top of the mountain, reiterated their belief in me and then released me into a mine-field of moguls.

Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty.

ski fall

I tumbled and stumbled and fell so often that I finally ripped the skis from my boots and hobbled down the mountain. Yes, eventually the ski patrol stopped laughing, took pity, rescued me and humiliatingly (is that a word?) dumped me at the bottom so I wouldn’t delay the resort’s closing time. Sigh.

Well, maybe 2015 wasn’t quite THAT bad- (there were some amazingly cool successes for me too)– But for many of us the year wasn’t exactly a smooth glide on a glass pond – especially in the area of money. According to the peeps I trust though, the energy forecasts for 2016 are much brighter and while I don’t marry my hopes solely on intuitive predictions (I think we all can create beyond the alignment of the stars) I am glad that there seems to be more ease and flow in store for 2016!

That said, I thought I’d throw out a few thought-provoking questions for you. Even though we are at the beginning of the New Year, how many of us haven’t really had a focused look back at last year and totally planned out the creation of this year yet (Yep, my hand is raised too!)?

It’s not too late – (*and keep an eye out early next week cuz I’m cooking up a cool “Out with the Old / In with the New” 2-part workshop you won’t want to miss!!*)

To get you started here are some questions to begin the process of releasing the past and creating the new:

*What’s left over from last year that’s still unfinished?

*What did I want to achieve that didn’t happen in 2015?

*What beliefs held me back from reaching my goals last year?

*What shifts would I need to make so the same blocks don’t get in my way this year?

*What am I most proud of achieving in 2015?

*What beliefs supported me in those successes?

*How can I embed those empowering beliefs even more so 2016 will be an even better year?

Take a few moments and give some thought or maybe even grab your journal and write your answers down. When we unconsciously go from day to day, month to month, year to year and don’t actively take stock, life happens TO us.

But we are so much more powerful than to passively let that happen! Grab the reigns! You’re on the horse anyway so why not make conscious choices and begin guiding yourself in the direction you want to go? Inevitably there will be blocks and beliefs and fears to clear but you’ll have more control and experience the potency of your innate abilities when you are consciously choosing and actively creating!

So– more on this next week– and for now, look below for an energy clearing you can use (for best results rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat) to begin the flow:

Your Shift for the Week:

What would it take for me to release myself from the disappointments, failures and shortcomings of 2015 and step into my power and potency in 2016? And anything that doesn’t allow me to do that will I uncreate, delete and destroy now?
(just say yes and let the energy do the rest!)

Happy 2016 and have a fun, fabulous weekend!


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