Would you pay $5.00 for 5 minutes of this? 

Hysterical, right?  The first time I saw this I laughed until I peed!

And this Bob Newhart bit flashed across the screen of my mind again today because it illustrates almost perfectly something that’s been in my craw lately.  

So, hold on tight cuz I’m gettin‘ out my soap box.

(and please read through to the end- It’s really important you understand this).

(stepping up)

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, I attended an awesome biz conference.  Top-notch. Fantastic speakers.  My type of peeps.  And I walked away with some super valuable info.  

On the last day we were invited to share about one thing we were willing to commit to that would move our business forward. So I decided to stand up, join in and be a bit vulnerable.  

I shared that one of my biggest struggles has been getting my butt in bed at a decent time.  Everything I’m wanting springs from a foundation of good sleep and I’m painfully aware of how important it is and this is the thing I’m wanting to commit to.

But– I’ve always been a night owl.  My mom (who reads my stuff— Hi Mom!) can attest to that.  She’d often appear at my bedroom door late in the night telling me to stop reading and start sleeping.  (For years I thought she was psychic but the mystery was revealed later in life when she explained that she knew I was sneak-reading by the light reflecting out my window onto the pine trees outside their room.  I still think she’s got some special inner-knowings though.)  

So anyway, I’m a night owl.  

It’s my natural rhythm and yet it’s evolved- or more accurately, devolved into a rather pesky block.  

Some nights I literally catch myself observing my actions as I find

just one more thing,

and then just one more thing,

and then just one more thing,

that has to be done before I can surrender and tuck myself in.  

In the worst of times I actually see the sun rising and then, like a creature of the night, slink into the darkness awaiting me under the covers.  

But before I do I watch with keen eyes as I knowingly self-sabotage.

And I yet don’t choose differently.


The truth is, I don’t know. I haven’t figured it out… yet. But I’m willing to and I’m working on it that’s what I shared there, standing at the mic in front of the audience and the session leader.

And she stopped me.  

The leader, who I like, respect and admire, stopped me.  

And with what I’m sure were great intentions and a kind heart she, in essence, told me to



Just choose to go to bed earlier.  

Just like that and it would all be alright.  

Except, you know what?  


Sometimes it’s not that simple.  

I may have an unrecovered memory of an unsafe experience in the middle of the night. My birthmother may have abandoned me in the wee hours before dawn or it could even be a generational or other-life type thing that I’ve brought forward with me.  

The truth is, I don’t know.  

BUT I’m working on it.  I’m shifting it by doing the inner work, shifting my energy and making the changes required for me to actually choose and act on what I want. 

And it’s working!

But in the world of coaching right now I’m finding that very well-meaning people are telling their clients to




And yes, there are people who are ‘in their story’ and who are clinging to it as an excuse.

And ya know what?  

They are doing it for a very damn good reason.

They aren’t in their story just because they want to be a victim or because they’re lazy or because they’re not committed.  

They don’t want to not be doing what they ‘should‘ be doing.

Or doing what they ‘shouldn’t‘.  

And if it were as simple as just choosing we’d ALL be rich, thin, successful (and well-rested).

The truth is there are REASONS we don’t just ‘choose it’.  

There are REASONS we don’t act on our choices.

Sometimes it’s about fear.

Sometimes it’s about beliefs.  

Sometimes it’s about vows.

And ALWAYS, it’s about ALIGNMENT.

When we’re not aligned with our goals, our intentions, our actions or what we’re asking for we have resistance, self-sabotage, struggle.

And this non-alignment creates what I call an inner glass ceiling.

This inner glass ceiling prevents us from accessing our unlimited potential, from soaring higher, from creating with ease & joy as if by magic

And –from getting our message and gifts out into the world.

How do you know you’ve hit your glass ceiling?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you living your dreams or dreaming that one day you’ll live them?
  • Are you creating abundance or are you working hard and not earning so much?
  • Are you acting with ease or pushing to create?

If can see that you’ve hit your own inner glass ceiling I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I have solutions.  Powerful solutions.

And I’m using them myself.  I’m making the shifts and changes that are allowing me – and have allowed me– to REALLY CHOOSE and act and create (and get to bed earlier)!

  1. Choose
  2. Get aligned
  3. Create with ease.

Doesn’t that sound better?

You can have this too.

And so I’m inviting you to play with me on my upcoming new, free training:

Join me on this free 90 minute training where you will: 

  • Discover 3 vital energetic pieces to creating the success you desire
  • Uncover exactly what’s creating your inner glass ceiling
  • Get clear on how to be a full-bodied, full-minded YES! to your choices
  • Learn how to empower yourself to finally break through, access your MAGIC & soar to new heights 

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I can’t wait to see you on the call!












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