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Belief is Everything!!!

BELIEF IS EVERYTHING!! And now a word from a short funny-looking dude: Belief is Everything! (click) Sometimes Hollywood can come up with some brilliant, thought-provoking scenes and this was one for me.  Belief is so important to our success and I think pretty much pre-determines whether or not we’ll achieve what we want.  But what […]

Tapping for Abundance

Admittedly this is a VERY broad topic and tapping works best when we can be specific but I wanted to give you an idea of how you can tap to increase your own abundance.  Let’s take the obvious example of money.  Everyone can use more money, right?!  But the limiting beliefs we were taught as […]

Abundance? In THIS Economy?!

What is abundance?  When you come across that word what pops into your mind?  Money?  The home of your dreams?  A fancy, new car? I think those things come to mind for many of us and those things can certainly be a piece of an abundant life.  But what comes to mind for me is […]