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The Trouble with Money is The Trouble We Have with Money! 

I recently was reminded of this after reading a blog post from one of my favorite teachers around money, Monica Shah.  She reminded me that the way we deal with money will be mirrored back to us through our clients and other streams of income

For example, if you have clients who are not paying you on time or are avoiding your requests for payment think of how you’re paying your own bills.  Is there an unpaid invoice or service you’ve kind of been putting off? 

If your clients are cancelling appointments left and right think whether or not you are backing out of your own commitments. 

If clients take forever to buy your services or products think if you take a dog’s age (coon’s age?) to decide whether or not to make a buying decision.  

 Our energy around money is contagious!  We will ALWAYS get back the same vibrational match we are giving off SO HERE’S A CHALLENGE: 

  • IF you’ve got a bill that should have been paid by now, Pay It!
  • IF you’ve created a pattern of backing out of commitments resolve to Shift It!  
  • IF you’ve been putting off making a buying decision, Choose It! (whether “yes” or “no”) 

                  (and if you need to Tap in order to do these things, TAP It!)   

After reading these reminders from Monica I was moved to action!  As I surveyed my current situation I realized my own cash flow wasn’t as “flowy” as usual (some clients were a little late in paying) and then I was hit in the face as I remembered a large invoice I’d been putting off!  I kept telling myself I wanted to wait until my cash situation was in more of a Flow than an Ebb, but in truth, I should have paid it before.  So, even though I don’t like putting everything on credit cards I made the decision– and took the action– to pay it right then and there.  I feel so much better having resolved this outstanding bill, know I’ve done right by the person who invoiced me and am absolutely sure I’ve freed up my energy to get back into more Cash Flow!! 

Footnote:  I LITERALLY freed up my energy for more cash flow because just a few hours after I paid my invoice I received what was owed to me!!  Yippee!!!

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