How do you know if you need to do some inner work?

        No one ever holds up a sign or anything, right?

  So how do you know?

To clarify things, here are 20 actual signs you can count on that indicate your inner game needs some TLC:

1. You keep repeating the same mistakes

2. You’re stuck in a pattern that’s keeping you in an unhappy, disempowered, less than abundant place

3. You tend to self-sabotage your efforts to succeed and move ahead in life

4. You struggle to trust yourself

5. You don’t feel confident just being you

6. You undervalue your gifts and what you have to offer the world (or deny that you even have gifts!)

7. You feel powerless to change your life

8. You have trouble making decisions

9. Your thoughts automatically run to the negative

10. You’re afraid of making a mistake – so you freeze and don’t take action (even when intuitive hits come through)

11. You’re afraid of being seen or heard

12. You feel like a fraud and that people might find out who you ‘really’ are underneath.

13. Your fears make decisions for you

14.  Your inner critic has the first and last say about you

15.  You put yourself at the very end of the line and take care of everyone else first

16.  You feel like you can’t speak your truth

17.  You stuff your feelings down and don’t express them

18.  You often catch yourself thinking, “I should have / I shouldn’t have” 

19.  You feel like there’s something wrong with you 

20.  It’s hard to take a compliment and receive gifts, special treament or (God forbid) actual help

These are real signs that I’m lovingly holding up for you.

Which ones resonate?

Are you ready to do something about them?

Because when you do- magic happens!
You automatically start building a bridge to that place you want to be and the Universe begins re-arranging itself in response!

 …and you actually start feeling better about yourself, your life and your possibility!

If any of these pinged (as in “ping-ed”) for you then I’m inviting you right here and right now to apply to work with me and do that inner work- the work that can bridge the gap and help you get to where you’re wishing you’d be.

Your dreams are not pipe dreams.
They are your possibility.

To Bridging the Gap,

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