A few weeks before Christmas my 8-year old daughter went through a crisis of faith.

This season, the talk amongst her 3rd grade classmates was that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. And so, my sweet, trusting, magical daughter came home one day with worry on her face and, by bedtime, tears in her eyes. She was on the brink of giving up on something that meant the world to her and the thought was unbearable. She spent the night in turmoil and kept repeating over and over, “I just don’t know what to believe! I don’t know what to do!”

My heart broke for her as I asked questions that only led her back to the rock and the hard place she found herself in. If she continued to believe she said she would feel like a fool around her friends. If she decided not to believe she felt she would have to give up believing in all kinds of magic– from her beloved Tooth Fairy, to the Easter Bunny– and maybe even angels and God! I stepped in and drew the line at the Divine but encouraged her to choose on her own what to decide about Santa. It broke my heart to see her struggle over giving up her dream and I spent the night in turmoil with her.

broken heart

Later, while I was reflecting back on this I couldn’t help but be reminded of so many women I meet. They have a dream- They desire to break free from all that’s holding them back and step into their passion, purpose and the abundance that goes hand-in-hand.

But they have doubts. Sometimes giant, huge doubts-

“Can I really do this?” “Do I deserve to have it all?” “Am I good enough?”

They are stuck between that rock and hard place- a place between their conscious desires and their subconscious blocks. And it breaks my heart to watch them continue to say no to themselves- to let their dreams smolder as they hold themselves in limbo all the while edging closer and closer to giving up.

I can’t help but see their unlimited potential and although they may catch glimpses of their dreams coming true they so often trick themselves into staying stuck.

“I’ll invest in my business and myself later.”
“I’ll do that coaching program next year.”
“I don’t think that will work for me.”

They tell me they’ve dabbled in this and that, but have never truly moved forward and broken free. And of course, me of all people, get it. And it breaks my heart every time!

The reasons they don’t step into the support and action that would make their dreams possible are usually the exact same things that hold them back from manifesting what they desire! They box themselves in on all sides and fool themselves into believing a lie so they never take the steps, get the support and create the foundation that would enable them to freely move forward and live the life they are meant to live- to grow and expand into all the possibility that exists for them, to be fulfilled, abundant women contributing to the world in the way only they can!

Ok- I think I’m firmly on my soap box now!



But I can’t help feeling strongly about this.

Because I was there too and not all that long ago. I was stuck. For years I talked myself out of getting the support I needed. I reasoned myself out of investing in things that would move me forward. And I stayed stuck. Sure, I was dabbling in this and that and taking in all the free information I could get my hands on. And there was nothing necessarily wrong with that. It just wasn’t enough and I didn’t have an objective eye to help me see what I couldn’t see. So alone, I painfully inched forward but not fast and certainly not far. And it wasn’t until I was on the brink of giving up on my dreams that I finally stepped forward and got the help. I did some financial backflips and found the right people to support me. And guess what? I flew. My dreams started coming true and they are still unfolding today! If I’d continued doing it all on my own I would either still be in an unhappy, dissatisfied place OR I may have given up altogether. And what a shame that would have been. Since then I’ve been able to help numerous women to break free and create inside-out abundance! It’s been a win-win and the only regret I have is not having gotten the support sooner.

So if you are doubting and discouraged I’m here to encourage you. Don’t let your dreams go!

The world needs all you have to offer and you deserve to live a life of joy and abundance! I believe in you and whether or not you ever work with me doesn’t matter- I am inviting you to find the right support, to do the work, to create the inner foundation that will allow your dreams to manifest. Whatever it takes, release those inner blocks so you can take the outer steps and ensure they are effective! You can do it– And trust me, it will go a whole lot faster and easier with the right support.

In the end, my daughter, Taiani, came back around to believing in her dream. She’s not 100% sure Santa exists but she’s moving forward as if he does. She chose to step out in faith because giving up on that dream was something she wasn’t ready to accept.

How about you? Are you ready to give up on your dreams? Or are you ready to make them happen? Because unlike Santa, yours can become reality!

If you’re thinking of giving up on your dream here’s a quick tap to empower and support you:

Karate Chop Point:
Even though I have these dreams but I’m not sure they can happen for me I honor how I feel.
Even though I’m afraid they won’t come true, Afraid that I’ll fail, I accept me anyway.
Even though I’m not sure I can do it I’m open to accepting and loving myself.

Tapping through the Points:
My dreams
My passions
I see other people living their dreams
But not me
I’m not there
I’m not sure I’ll ever be there
I’m still here struggling
Trying to make it happen
Going not so far, not so fast
Maybe it’s just not meant for me
I’m not sure I could even make my dreams happen
I’m not sure I’m good enough
I don’t even know if I deserve it
But that desire is still inside me
And I want it so badly
I thought I’d be so much further by now
But look where I am
I’m so disappointed
I’m so sick of struggling
So sick of striving
I’m tired of just inching along.
Sometimes I think of giving up
Because what’s the point?
It would be easier
And at least I wouldn’t have my hopes dashed
But something inside keeps me going
Keeps the spark alive
All my passions
All my dreams
Will they ever come true?
What’s wrong with me?
Why is it taking so long?
Can I ever make this happen?
I wonder if I could
I wonder if I’m not so different than the people living theirs
I wonder what it would take?
I wonder how I could make that shift?
I wonder if it is possible
Possible for me too.
What if there’s actually nothing wrong with me?
What if infinite possibility exists for me?!
And releasing my subconscious blocks
The things that are holding me back
Slowing me down
Keeping me stuck
Would make the difference
I wonder if I’d be open to healing my blocks
And open to discovering the perfect support
To help me do that.
All my dreams
I’m still not sure
All my dreams
I still have the desire
All my dreams
They are worth it
And so am I.
Open to moving forward
Open to releasing my blocks
Open to my infinite possibility
And infinite abundance!

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