Money Light Codes

What if you could rewire your subconscious mind and your physical DNA with a simple process that would boost your ability to manifest money?

The ISA Money Light Codes are personal money frequency transmissions that do just that!

With the advanced money frequency transmissions of ISA Money Light Codes you can energetically speed up the process of letting go of your ancestral fears, re-program your belief systems and upgrade your prosperity consciousness through these unique higher vibrational energies.

Through a simple process similar to a guided meditation, the ISA Money Light Codes will accelerate and spark powerful inner change by energetically clearing ancient limiting money beliefs embedded in your DNA while simultaneously programming your cells with higher money frequencies.

Used properly, the Money Light Codes have the ability to unlock your own Divine Money Genes that have been waiting to be fully and abundantly expressed through you!

How would you feel if you were free of the shackles of the financial fears of the collective consciousness and in full alignment with money ?!?

And . . . what would be possible?!

These Money Light Codes have been incredibly effective at moving stuck energy for me. I was so impressed that I dove in head first and am now trained and ready to share them with you!

When you join me for my new program, Money Manifesting with Money Light Codes, you will be setting yourself up for greater financial abundance for years to come.

Over the course of the program you will receive 12 powerful Money Light Codes which will help dissolve your limiting energetic money programs and install potent prosperity energies.

Here are a few of the Money Light Codes I’m including in this program:

Money Light Code #2 will help you dissolve the limiting belief that you have to work a lot to earn money and then install the energetic imprint that making money can be fun.

Money Light Code #5 will help dissolve the limiting belief that you are a bad money manager and therefore cannot keep money. It will then install the energies of what it feels like to be great with money and to be able to hold on to your money and even grow it!

Money Light Code #9 will help to dissolve the limiting belief that making money is a struggle and then install the empowering energies that making money is easy and enjoyable.

Money Light Code #10 will help you release any beliefs that if you have money you’ll become bad or evil and then install the energies that you can have money and be a good person.

Money Light Code #13 will empower you dissolve the pattern of getting money only to lose it and believing you are unable to replenish it. It will then imprint the belief that you have the ability to replenish your money as well as how it feels to replenish your money.

Money Light Code #23 will help you dissolve hoplessness around money and install the energies of having faith that money will come in as well as what it feels and looks like for you to take inspired action.

When you register now for “Money Manifesting with Money Light Codes” you will receive:

*12 Money Light Codes Clearings & Activations ($450+ value)

*5 Guided Energy Pulls for Money & Financial Prosperity ($250)

*Money Chamber Meditation ($50 value)

*Bonus Q&A Call ($99 value)

*Recordings of all Calls ($150 value)

*Facebook Group where you can connect with likeminded money manifestors to celebrate and collaborate (Priceless!)

A total value well over $1000!

When you sign up today your investment is just:


This is a pre-recorded program and because energy is not bound by time or space you can be confident you will receive all of the benefits of the Money Light Codes, energy pulls and meditations as though it were a live class.

Hi! I’m Heidi Garis and if you choose this program, I will be your guide. If you’re new to my world let me introduce myself: I’m a success coach, master abundance coach, spiritual psychotherapist and intuitive energy healer and I’ve been doing this work for over 14 years. I lovelovelove empowering healers, coaches, entrepreneurs and executives to discover and hone their ability to create! If you found this page you are probably already on that path. You’re working to hone your innate magic, create the life and financial reality you deserve, activate more ease and definitely more joy, and leverage your energy to not just create but to out-create what you desire. You run into struggles- just like all of us. You have wins and fails, just like all of us. AND… You know that more is possible! You want to truly believe that you have it in you to be the conscious architect of your reality. But you also know there’s some internal incongruence and so what you’re asking for isn’t showing up quite like you’d like it. And that is my sweet spot in working with clients: helping them discover the a-ha’s they need to see, empowering them to choose what they desire, guiding them out of their own way and into congruence and action and assisting in their reveal of how they uniquely create!