Two Saturdays ago I was doing 8 things at once (as usual), one of which was reheating my coffee in the microwave.  I “nuked” it twice just to be sure it was hot enough and, YEP, it sure was!  Pretty much hot enough to qualify as lava, although I didn’t know it at the time!

So I reached in and absentmindedly grabbed the ceramic mug, jostling it in the process and inadvertently sploshing a bit of SCORCHING coffee on to my poor, unsuspecting hand.  A shock wave jolted through my nerve endings right to my brain which instantly made the brilliant decision to tell my hand to jerk away violently– and that resulted in a second wave of searing hot coffee spilling over and onto my hand and fingers.

coffee beans and brewed

I often tell my husband that he’ll know when I’m really hurt if I don’t say anything at all.   I’m always announcing my little bumps and bruises with an, “Ouch” or “Ow!”  That’s the drama queen in me, I guess.  But when I’m really in pain all of that goes away and I am struck silent!

So, that was what it was like on Saturday– Me screaming at the top of my lungs inside my head while wildly trying to get that coffee off the back of my hand.  I immediately knew that this was bad.  Not like ‘burned my tongue on hot soup’ bad.  No.  Really bad.  I thrust my scorched hand under cold running water and started to tap with the other. And I tapped and tapped and tapped.  No Set-Up Statement or fancy wording.  No.   Just,

“Holy crap this is bad.  Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I can’t believe how much this hurts!  I’ve never felt anything like this before!  I’m so stupid!  Why wasn’t I paying attention?!  I’ve never felt pain like this before!  How am I going to work?  I NEED my hand!  I’m an idiot!  I should have known!  It’s still burning!!!  I can’t take this! This pain! This Pain!  THIS PAIN!!!!!!”

Angry, Frustrated Woman

I just tapped and expressed exactly what I was feeling inside and out.   After about 15 minutes of tapping and the waves of pain coming and going it finally subsided into the “just bearable” category and I was able to inspect the damage.  I fully expected to see horrible fluid-filled blisters from my knuckles to my wrist but instead I only saw an angry redness.  By the evening the pain had diminished to about a “3” (from a 10++!), and by the next morning to a “1”.   Over the course of the next week the skin scaled up, flaked off and is now almost back to normal with zero scarring.

So, why the dramatic story?  Because I fully believe this burn was serious– probably a 2nd degree burn that should have produced blisters, much longer-lasting intense pain, a longer period of healing and possibly even permanent scarring.  (To see what I mean Google “coffee burn” – but be prepared for some pretty gruesome pictures!).  I can’t prove it but I am convinced that the tapping I did released not only the pain but the physical and emotional trauma, the self-criticism (which only serves to get in the way) and the fears all of which set my body free to heal itself quickly.

Our bodies are designed to heal!  What happens when we get cut?  Our bodies go to work stitching it up!  But because of all the stuff we carry with us– the limiting beliefs, past negative experiences, self-criticism, fears, traumas, etc., our body’s ability to heal is often stymied.  Because I was able to tap in the moment (and tap and tap and tap!) I think I cleared the hurdles as quickly as they were set up!  And so my body did exactly what it was supposed to do– Heal!    Below is a shot of my hand just a few days after — By this time the redness had disappeared from my fingers, knuckles and wrist and the pain was gone as well!

So — that is why I was inspired to give you a Tap-Along for pain relief and healing this month!  Obviously if you are in an urgent situation like mine you are not going to take the time to fire up your computer, find this newsletter and read along and tap!  But I hope this will give you an idea of how to tap if you ever find yourself in this type of predicament.  Remember that when you’re “in it” fancy wording isn’t necessary!  Just say what you’re thinking and feeling in the moment and you’ll clear your own roadblocks to pain and healing and empower your body to do just what it was designed to do! 

Tap-Along Script for “Right Then and There” Pain:
Remember to tailor it to your specific situation and feelings
Set-Up Statement:

{Skip it! If you’re in the moment there’s no need!}Tapping Through the Points:

This Pain!
This Pain in my _______
This hurts so bad!!
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

What have I done?!
I can’t take this!
It’s too much!
It’s killing me!
It’s unbearable!
I can’t believe I did this!
Why wasn’t I more careful?
What was I thinking?
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
This pain in my _______
I can’t believe this happened!
Why me?!
Why did this happen to me?!
It hurts so much!
I can’t take this much longer!
It’s unbearable!

I’m so stupid!
I’m such an idiot!
Oh- it hurts!  It Hurts!  It HURTS!!!
This pain!
This screaming pain!
I just wish it would leave!
I don’t want this!
I don’t need this!
This pain!
This Pain!
This PAIN!!!
I’m open to releasing it!
But it still really hurts!
I’m going to be open to letting it go!
Even though it’s killing me!
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! OW!!!!!
I’m trying to be open!
I want to let it go!
But it’s really getting my attention!
I’m going to let it go now.
I have to let it go.
I can’t take much more!
This pain in my _____
This pain that’s so bad!
This pain in my _____
I choose to release this pain
I choose to let my body heal
Choosing to release my pain
Choosing to heal
Allowing the pain to go
Not holding on
Letting it leave my body
And allowing my brilliant body to heal
This pain that I’m feeling
This pain in my ______
Releasing this pain
Just letting it go.

Sometimes pain relief can come quickly– almost miraculously!  And sometimes it takes some persistence.    Either way Tap, Tap Tap! Chronic Pain has other considerations and is compounded by our life experience and woundings (emotional or otherwise) so I really recommend including Set-Up Statements for chronic pain.   Also, when tapping, definitely pay attention to what comes up.  Remember that what comes to mind is most likely related and clues for what to tap on next.  Emotional stuff is a HUGE contributor (if not the genesis) to chronic pain so if we can get at those core issues and tap them away our pain can often be reduced, if not eliminated!  I’ll cover chronic pain in more detail in another issue but for now there is a short tapping script you can refer to on my Free Resources page.

Tapping is a powerful tool you can use by yourself and get phenomenal results.  But if you’d like to work with an experienced professional and want quantum leaps in your health, career, money and personal goals contact me for a free consultation.  We’ll determine together the best way to make success & abundance a reality for you quickly!

And now I have to go — I hear the microwave beeping which means my coffee is ready!  But don’t worry — I’ll be wearing fireproof gloves this time!

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