New Weight Loss Solution:  Tongue Mutilation!

Ok– I just can’t hold my tongue on this one:

How much further out on the crazy spectrum can weight loss plans get?  There’s a new idea in town that pushes the envelope—WAY OUT!

This is how it works:  a small mesh-like doohickey about the size of a postage stamp, is sewn directly onto your tongue {WHAT?!?!?!}, making it uncomfortable to eat solid food and allowing only a liquid diet for about 30 days.  And people are losing weight with it! 20-30 pounds a month!   It’s cheaper than gastric bypass surgery and reversible (the mesh must be removed after about a month and the client goes back to solid food).

But come on—is this REALLY a solution??  A long-term solution?!   This is, in my humble opinion, like putting a band-aid—a mesh band-aid—over the fat!  It does nothing to address the real reasons as to why people are overweight to begin with!  I would bet that a super-high percentage of those people who lose weight with this “plan” quickly turn around and gain it all back PLUS more.

From personal experience I can say that getting to the root of the weight issues—the unconscious commitments to keeping the weight on—and neutralizing them with an effective technique like EFT—is a much, much, much better way to go.

As I knocked down and chipped away at my own reasons for needing to keep my weight things began to change.  Not at lightening speed, but steadily and consistently—without me consciously changing anything!  As I tapped and tapped I started to literally see myself thinner when I looked in the mirror (you can’t lose weight when you feel fat!),  my cravings went by the wayside, I began to WANT to eat fruit and veggies over chocolate (but when I did want my cherished Heath Blizzard with extra extra cocoa fudge I allowed myself to have it—and even more importantly, I allowed myself (and still do) to ENJOY it!),  my night-eating dwindled and one day I looked up and realized that food and the obsession to lose weight were no longer my focal point.

And ya know what?  The weight dripped off—It didn’t melt away—No 30 pounds in a month—but it naturally, effortlessly and happily left my body because I NO LONGER NEEDED IT!!!  I took the time to find and tap away the reasons behind my weight.  And when your reasons for something are eliminated the process of letting go becomes a natural response.

So—please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t go getting a miniature screen door sewn onto your tongue—Just Tap Tap Tap!!!

For Your Amusement Only:  The Tongue Patch Article

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    I have recently found “tapping”. I am in need of help with issues of weight and stress. I am a friend of Cyndi Po and it is why I am reaching out to you. Please e-mail me and maybe we can get together. Thanks Jeanette