Release Let Go and Rise

What would you do to ensure your hopes and dreams for 2022 actually manifest in your reality?

Setting goals, New Year’s Resolutions and identifying what you desire is great.

And yet, if you only set your mind to the task of creating these things you’re not not leveraging all of the resources you can to bring your dreams into your reality.

In fact, you’re missing the most important piece to the manifesting puzzle!

What is the most important piece?



Energy follows energy. Energy follows intention.

Energy is at the core of everything!

So if your energy is off, if it is mis-aligned, you will be carried away from your dreams and they can remain just dreams forever.

And well, we can’t have that, can we?!

Part of my passion and purpose is to support others heal their past, align to their dreams and call them in to their reality so I can’t let an opportunity to support you in this pass me by!

And so, I’ve created an exciting, soulful experience to help you launch yourself into the new year empowered, aligned and on purpose!

You are invited to my very special New Year’s virtual mini-retreat where we’ll be focusing on nurturing and energizing You and Your Vision for 2022.

We’ll be gathering for a few hours on the first Full Moon of the New Year and weaving together the powerful techniques of EFT/tapping, breathwork, journaling and an extraordinary activation in and through the Akashic Records so that you can:

*release the remnants of this past year

*craft and breathe life into your vision for 2022

*align and rise into your highest timeline

*call in exactly what you’re desiring in the New Year!

*Your investment today for this transformative experience is just $57

Join us and allow yourself to lift off into the energies of possibility, and rise on the winds of your desires as we set your energy, align to your dreams and head into a magical 2022!

You will receive access to the replay as part of your investment so if you’re unable to experience it with us live you will still be able to receive all the benefits!