Admittedly this is a VERY broad topic and tapping works best when we can be specific but I wanted to give you an idea of how you can tap to increase your own abundance.  Let’s take the obvious example of money.  Everyone can use more money, right?!  But the limiting beliefs we were taught as children and the emotional lessons we learned as we grew have very likely created a pretty tough atmosphere for money to rush in.  “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”  “You have to work hard for your money.”  “Money is the root of all evil.”  “Rich people are selfish.”  “People will judge you if you have money.”  “Money never lasts.”  These are some of the beliefs we may have that could be very well blocking us from creating a financially abundant life!   Past business failures, bankruptcy, growing up and watching the family struggle– These are the emotional lessons that may still be hanging on and affecting our ability to thrive financially.  So here’s a tapping script to help you clear these obstacles:  (If you’re not familiar with tapping click on the How To Tap page and familiarize yourself with the points and the “how to’s” of it all!

KC:  Even though I can never seem to get ahead I accept myself for who I am and how I feel anyway.

KC:  Even though there’s never enough money for me I accept all of me anyway.

KC:  Even though I’m always struggling financially I respect myself empty wallet and all!

EB:  Just can’t get ahead.

SE:  There’s just never enough money.

UE:  I’ll never get ahead because something always comes up.

N:  I’m doomed to struggle.

Ch:  That’s my story– the theme of my life.

CB:  I work so hard but can never make enough.

UA:  I can never catch a break.

H:  Money is not my friend.

EB:  When money sees me it turns and runs the other way!

SE:  There’s never enough no matter how hard I try.

N:  Even when I think I’m making progress something always comes up.

Ch:  There’s never enough money but plenty of bills.

CB:  I just can’t get ahead.

UA:  That’s the theme of my life and I’m stickin’ with it!

H:  I’ll never get ahead.

So use this script, edit as needed for your own situation, and when you feel your emotional intensity and/or truth intensity has dropped to below a 5 on the 1-10 point scale try flipping the switch with a positive tapping round:

(Sometimes intensity is difficult to rate around the issue of money so if that’s the case for you tap a few rounds on the negative and then move to the positive round).

EB:  I choose to be open to a new story about money.

SE:  I think I’m ready to let the old story go.

UE:  Maybe I’m not doomed to struggle.

N:  Maybe I can work smarter and not harder.

Ch:  Maybe I can be open to more money in my life.

CB:  I think I’m ready to let my old beliefs around money go.

UA:  Maybe it was the truth for my family but it doesn’t have to be true for me.

H:  I am open to having more money in my life.

EB:  I’m open to a new theme about money.

SE:  Getting ahead and having money is a positive thing.

UE:  I can be safe and financially secure at the same time.

N:  Maybe money can be my friend.

Ch:  I’m open to having money run to me now!

CB:  I think I like my new theme around money!

UA:  I embrace my ability to get ahead and stay there.

H:  I’m open to there being more than enough money for me now.

If you recall stories, failures, negative experiences or trauma around money please tap on them specifically stating your associated fears, beliefs and worries.  Remember- the more specific we make it, the more effective tapping will be in clearing the blocks!


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