Success Stories


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Marissa PolselliWordtree, LLC 


“I was privileged to attend a retreat where Heidi was a featured speaker. Her presentation on understanding emotional blocks and learning how to face and transform them was a highlight of the retreat. At once practical and inspirational, Heidi has the ability to cut through to the heart of the matter with precision, while maintaining a gentle and supportive space. For her grace, expertise, and goodness, I highly recommend her.”


“My Income Jumped 300%”
Before working with Heidi, I was working out of my house. Now I am sharing an office with a colleague and have increased my income 300%. I accomplished clearing out patterns around money, success, fear, and self-esteem that were holding me back from moving into an office situation again and being successful like I had been before my injury. Working with Heidi not only has opened up my business and finances, it has helped other areas of my life, too.
I am so glad to have met Heidi and to have taken the leap of faith to work with her.     kitty ghen
 – Kitty Ghen, Lic. Ac., Dipl. Ac.
Healing Point Natural Health Center


“Quantum Leaps in my Career…”
Working with Heidi was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As I look back at all of the progress I’ve made in such a short amount of time, I consider the value of her services to be far more than I invested. What I’ve learned with Heidi has allowed me to make quantum leaps in both my career and relationships…and I was surprised to find that money, success and happiness are so closely linked.
I took a leap of faith and am grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Heidi! It was money and time well spent. I recommend her services without reservation.

eileen okeefe

– Eileen O’Keefe Clancy, Owner
Simply Juicy Travel





Before working with Heidi I was stressed out and overwhelmed with life, parenting and work and I was also being really hard on myself. Working with Heidi has been transformational.  I have found abundance now flows to me more easily in my relationships with family, friends, colleagues and, of course, with money too.  I am now able to manifest and attract what I want to see in my life and am able to take steps to make it all happen.   Heidi expertly guided me into new and valuable perspectives and helped me release thoughts ideas that no longer serve me so I can now live the life I was longing for.   Thank you, Heidi!      Alysia Schurr 2

~Alysia Schurr

Consultant with Rodan + Fields Skincare



“…Living Life Full & Fearlessly”
I LOVE working with Heidi!  I participated in Heidi’s Activate Your Money Mojo coaching program and as a result of the work we did together I was able to change many of my limiting beliefs that had held me back from living my life fully and fearlessly!   Some measurable results I received as a result of working with Heidi are increased inspiration, clarity and creativity which has helped me grow my business,  the highest enrollment of students ever (and therefore revenue) in my yoga studio, attracted new opportunities that have helped grow my business,  unexpected money and checks from various sources showing up just when I needed them.  Heidi’s skill as a coach and EFT expert, her compassionate heart and her sincere intention to help others grow are a powerful combination for healing.   I fully recommend her if you want more abundance in your life!
 kathy tooley
~Kathy Tooley Owner/Founder
Anahata Yoga & Wellness Center

“…a True Investment that has Paid Off Dramatically”
Before I met Heidi I suffered some personal setbacks and had recently received some very disturbing news that made me question the life I was living.   I was depressed, frightened, felt trapped and closed in.   I felt like I was in a vortex and was completely overwhelmed.  I was constantly distracted and procrastinated on things I needed to do to uplevel my business.  So meeting Heidi was a true gift to me from the universe.  My sessions with her have changed my life and business and I’ve been able to start claiming my personal power again!   My depression is GONE,  the vortex of overwhelm is GONE, I can make decisions, focus and accomplish things much more easily.  What seemed insurmountable before is now actually do-able.  I’m no longer living in fear and that trapped feeling has changed to a sense of freedom.   For me personally and business-wise, coaching with Heidi was a invaluable asset and a true investment that has paid off dramatically.
~Lisa Franklin,  Massage Therapist & Owner of Alchemy Massage & Bodyworks

More Kind Words From Past Clients:
“Heidi, I wanted to let you know how powerful last night’s session was for me.  I slept great, and am very motivated today to take care of business.  I was in a communication funk, and today I easily returned calls, followed up on many things and was strong for my clients.  I am so feeling ‘good for something’ now!”

— Andie D., Bucks County, PA

I am totally sold on EFT! First off, I am a massage therapist and do practice several bodywork modalities. I did a session or two of EFT with Heidi sometime last year to work through some “emotional junk” with really good results. Since then, I would occasionally doing some tapping when I was feeling really stressed out or when some major emotional upheaval was going on.  I was told that I had a very large fibroid tumor on my uterus as well as what were most likely dermoid cysts on both ovaries in December 2008.  The dermoid cysts were quite large and unchanging since the first ultrasound.  The fibroid was slowly getting larger and then another one also showed up.  I had tried a few alternative treatments including acupuncture with no success at shrinking anything.  The consensus among all the medical professionals I consulted with was to remove the cysts and fibroids to improve my chances at fertility.  I reluctantly scheduled the surgery.  In the weeks leading up to the surgery I did EFT myself and with Heidi as well.  When I woke up from surgery they told me they removed the fibroids from my uterus, but there were absolutely NO CYSTS on my ovaries. They had just “magically” disappeared which is not something that dermoids tend to do on their own! I couldn’t wait for my anesthesia to wear off so I could call Heidi and thank her for the fantastic work that she did!

T. Wilson, Gettysburg. PA

I am so grateful to have Heidi in my life! Before I ever heard of EFT I had been trying to work on issues from my past for many years on my own, but never had a breakthrough like I did after working with Heidi. I was stuck, trapped in my own web of bottled up emotions and I had no idea where to begin. But with Heidi’s help I was finally able to deal with the sexual abuse and bullying I had experienced when I was very young. I had very poor self-esteem, anxiety and depression throughout my life because of these traumatizing experiences. During our work Heidi lead me through my very own “forest”. Once we were in as deep as we could go, we started clearing out the forest and tapped on feelings and emotions that had been bottled up for almost twenty years. Letting those emotions out was just what I needed. I had never told anyone about the sexual abuse and how depressed it, along with the bullying, made me as a kid.  After the birth of my beautiful daughter I was finally ready to deal with it and move on.  I was surprised at how fast EFT worked. Yes the memories of the events are still there but now I am not attached to them emotionally at all. The weight of the events no longer take a toll on me physically, mentally or emotionally as they once did. I feel that I now have a very efficient tool to manage anxiety and stress and I use EFT on my own whenever I need it. EFT helps me stay connected to myself and has been an integral tool in my healing. I encourage you to work with Heidi and EFT – you will be amazed with your results!

~Trish, Lansdale PA.

My sessions with Heidi left me feeling lighter and freer, and with a sense of relief that I had released lingering issues from childhood.  These issues had always been with me but because of our work together they no longer plague me.  My constant headaches and fatigue were gone for many weeks even after just one session.  Heidi’s sensitivity and intuition are remarkable for their depth and accuracy.  She is truly a joy to work with, and she radiates positive energy.  I highly recommend Heidi and look forward to working more with her.

Andrea Deardorff, L.Om.
Inner Garden Acupuncture
Colmar, PA


It’s been several years now, since my boyfriend had just one EFT session with Heidi and I am amazed at what it did for him.  We were at a crossroads because my passion is rescuing and fostering dogs but my boyfriend had these terrible allergies to dogs.  His face would swell, his eyes would itch and water and he’d sneeze constantly.  But he supported my passion and would even drive me to pick up dogs from shelters in other states.  Those car rides were terrible for him and living with our own dogs plus 3-4 more in our house made his allergies really bad.  Something had to be done so I called Heidi to see if she could do anything for Keith.   She said she would be happy to try something called EFT with him.

I listened in on the session and they tapped on his allergy to the dogs and right then and there his symptoms cleared up (he had itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose at the beginning).   Then they started talking about stuff that he was reminded about during the tapping—They pinpointed a family issue that weirdly enough seemed related to how he felt towards the dogs.  Heidi had him tap on that situation and his feelings and he really felt better about the whole family thing.

Well, we didn’t think too much more about it because his allergies kind of just went away.  Then a few months later when we were travelling back from another state where we picked up some foster dogs that I looked over at him and it hit me.  It was raining and we’d been driving for hours in the car with the windows up and dogs in the back and Keith hadn’t sneezed once!  It was then I knew how powerful EFT is!  Thank you Heidi for saving our relationship because before tapping it was going to be either him or the dogs!

Chrissy M., Lansdale, PA

Let me tell you (and I’ve told numerous friends this)  — EFT really works!  I had no idea what it was when I went to Heidi for a session that day.  I had a very painful stiff neck and I couldn’t turn my head more than a little.  As Heidi and I were talking I mentioned that I had just visited with an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in many years.   I told her about how my friend had aged, about my age, and about getting old – something that really scares me.  Heidi  led me through tapping and afterward, she asked how I felt.  Well, I was totally amazed when I discovered I could turn my head without any pain!  I haven’t a clue how or why it works, but it does!  Now, instead of fretting in pain, I just call Heidi!

Paula E., Quakertown, PA

Heidi’s energy, vision, passion and skill are truly inspirational. She was able to hone in on my specific emotions, traumas and fears that were keeping me stuck and because of this I was able to bring my blocks to the surface and then release them. I am now triumphing over not just current but also past experiences with this new level of mind–set.  I have been able to regenerate a “new me” and awaken a voice that had been inside me but never heard.  Most importantly, I am now able to let go and accept and love myself. I look forward to continuing to work with Heidi. The benefits I have received are undeniably most rewarding.

J. Linsky, Chalfont, PA

Before I started working with Heidi I had so much pain stuck in me and really did not know what was wrong or even how to get it out.  Sometimes I even wondered if I would lose my mind with all the pain.  But since working with Heidi, I can say I feel like I have regained my mind, heart and me. We dug down deep in so many areas of my life and gotten out things I never even thought bothered me.  With Heidi I feel safe with my feelings, very much cared for and able to say things that I have never shared with anyone else.   I now feel more secure and confident with who I am and know I have grown.   Heidi is a wonderful healer in so many areas and I can not put into words how much she has helped me. For anyone thinking about coaching with her I recommend fully it.  She is my god send.  Thank you, Heidi!

Janet Binger, CMT

I am a massage therapist and have been practicing massage and several other therapies for a few years.  I had been having a very difficult time with some family issues and experiencing extreme feelings of anger, resentment and depression that were making me barely functional on a daily basis.  After living like this for several weeks, I finally called Heidi for help.  After my session I felt exhausted, but it was a good feeling.  In the days following I felt more relaxed.  When I ran into situations that had previously provoked strong, negative emotions, I felt more objective, the emotions would rise up a little,  didn’t consume me as they had been doing previously.  I highly recommend you work with Heidi. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

~A More Centered Massage Therapist in PA

Heidi Garis is an excellent mentor/consultant in EFT. Her skills and insight have brought me to a place where now feel confident in public speaking, meeting individually with clients, and communicating and marketing with ease about my career in financial services. Now I am more aware about my own attitudes and thinking in regards to my business priorities as well as how I communicate with my clients and family.  I was able to eliminate specific fears and increase my confidence.  I was also able to shift the limiting beliefs that were definitely hindrances to my personal and professional success. I have been able to take what I have learned through her and apply it with my individual client work as well as with larger scale projects that I am working on. I appreciate what Heidi has taught me both personally and professionally.

R. Higa,  Financial Representative, Whipple & Associates