Quantum Money Club

What would your life look like if you made a quantum leap with your money?

The Quantum Money Club is a 12-month container for high-vibe leaders, healers, light-workers, spiritual business owners and conscious manifestors who are tired of bumping their head against their inner money ceiling and who are serious about quantum-leaping their income and creating it by leveraging spiritual law, energy and the quantum field.

And as we move from the 3D into the 5D manifesting can be faster than ever. But, in order for your money to show up with ease and joy it’s vital to till the soil of your mind, pull out the remaining money block weeds, plant strong intentional prosperity seeds and cultivate the ability to recognize and take inspired action .

As a result of playing full-out in this program you can expect to:

*permanently expand your energetic money container

*attract new money-making opportunities

*feel more confident asking for money

*upgrade and deepen your energetic connection with money

*recognize and take aligned, inspired prosperity action

*raise your money vibes and uplevel your income

*manifest unexpected money

*quantum leap your income

To support you in creating these results you will receive:

*3 Recorded Money Light Code Activations/Meditations each month ($1,500 value)

*Pop-up Quantum Money Leap Trainings

*Weekly Journaling Prompts ($97 value)

*1 Live Quantum Money Content, Clearing & Q&A Call each month ($997 value)

*3 Specialized Wealth Attunement Events ($197 value)

*Recordings of all Live Calls (priceless)

*Private Quantum Money Club Facebook Group (priceless)

Here’s what Christina T. experienced after doing just a few Money Light Code activations:

“WOW WOW WOW! Just received notice I am to receive about $2000 in unexpected money! I just had to let you know it is working and I am doing a happy dance and jumping for joy right now. Yay! “

Curated content covered in this program includes:

-ISA Money Light Code meditations

-“Expand Your Wealth Container” activation

-potent formula for creating unanticipated income

-wealth embodiment process

-process to cut money-blocking energy cords

-keys to creating energetic space for more money

-money contract clearings

-personal prosperity code activation

-EFT/tapping to facilitate your quantum money leap

….and more!


*Kick-off Call: Cultivating a Mindset for Quantum Leaps

*3 Pre-recorded ISA Light Code Activations to support your quantum prosperity path

*Money Manifesting with Money Light Codes Recorded Program ($297 value)

*Special discount on a 1:1 Private Money Block Clearing Session with Heidi

*The investment for The Quantum Money Club and your own personal money leap is only:


This program will never be offered in this way or at this low level of investment again so if you desire to take the quantum leap the time to say “yes” is today.

Join the Quantum Money Club Now

Terms and Conditions: Please note that this program is a 12-month commitment and no refunds will be given. In registering for this program you are agreeing to payment in full even if you choose to not attend the live calls or decide that for whatever reason you wish to step back from the program. By registering for this program you are giving permission to be recorded and acknowledge that no remuneration will be due to you if recordings are used in a future product or program. If confidentiality is a concern you have the option to use only your first name or initials and may choose to keep your camera off on any video calls.