Ok, This is Weird
Well, Tax Day, (which was April 15th for those of you outside the USA), has come and gone and I have to say it was an interesting one for me!

I am grateful to have a wonderful accountant, who just happens to be my cousin.  However, this means that his big corporate clients are usually in line way ahead of me and that my stuff gets finished up moments before the clock strikes ‘pay up.’   (To be fair, I did get my info to him late this year!).

Anyway, there I was, bleary-eyed at 1:00am on the day of reckoning when I finally got the call–
“You owe a nice chunk of change this year, Heidi.”

It wasn’t too much of a surprise as I had a healthy increase in income over the last year (Yippee for money mojo!) but the totally weird thing was–

I didn’t care! 

I didn’t mind that I owed several thousand more dollars!  I felt no ‘punch to the gut’ nor had the inclination to hyperventilate!

Odder still– and you probably won’t even believe me– but I actually smiled and started to giggle as I wrote that nice fat check out to the IRS.

Call me crazy but it actually felt light and carefree to write that hefty check!  (I warned you this was going to be weird!)

So here’s the thing– First, the fact that I had to pay higher taxes this year was a reminder that I had made a bunch more money last year (Yippee!)  And, my reaction– or lack of reaction– signaled that money has taken a few more steps down on the ladder of significance for me (Woo-Hoo!).

I have come to a space of profound knowing that I am safe and that I can manifest and co-create whatever I need (and beyond) with Source.   How cool is that?!  What a fun place to be!  Not that many years ago I had no idea this kind of energy around money existed or was possible– especially for me.

Money- or the lack of it – was a painful source of panic, stress and fear and it was HUGELY significant to me!  (wherever we place significance we also place resistance and energy is unable to flow freely).

And then bit by bit, layer by layer, I set out to heal and transform the beliefs, fears and wounds that were affecting my finances.  And look where I’ve landed!  What a relief it is to have so little attachment to money and to have so much more ease in creating it.

And I’m still on the path– None of us ever really arrive — And that’s neat too because we can choose to live in a constant state of expansion where we reach new level after new level of love, light and empowerment!

So here’s the other thing– If Lil ole me can get to this point it’s absolutely possible for you too!!

There are a lot of things that go into creating freedom around money.  We have our limiting beliefs, our fears, our negative experiences and trauma that need to be cleared.  But one of the biggest things you can do to start healing your money stuff is to start clearing the stress that comes up when it comes to finances.  Stress is one of the biggest boulders blocking our river of abundance.

So here’s a tapping sequence and a few energy processes to help you take some steps toward releasing stress and significance around money and therefore, an increased ability to create it!

Karate Chop Point:

Even though money is important and I don’t feel like I have enough now so I am stressed and panicked, I profoundly accept and honor my feelings.

Even though money feels like this big thing that I’ll never have enough of, I respect how I feel and I accept me too.

Even though I feel scared inside because I’m stuck and not making the money I need, I honor myself and my need to feel safe.

Tapping through the points:
Money is important
It lets me pay the bills
It lets me buy food
It keeps a roof over my head
Money is really important
And I need it!
I need more of it!
And I just don’t have enough
It’s not flowing in right now
And I have to pay my bills!
I feel so stressed about money
And I’m just stuck
It feels like money’s got the power
Not me
It controls me
How I feel
How I live
How I act
I can’t make money bend to my will
Making more is a struggle
And I feel like I’m locked in
Trapped in this ‘not enough’
I’m so stressed about money
It feels like this big giant thing
And I feel so small
I feel almost helpless to change this
I hate paying my bills
I hate looking at my account
I’m always worried there isn’t enough
And in a lot of ways I don’t feel safe.
I’ve placed a lot of meaning in money
I’ve given it huge significance in my life
So no wonder I’m stressed!
I’ve made it this all-powerful giant that’s bigger than me
No wonder I feel small around money
No wonder I feel less than powerful
I wonder what would happen if I could make it less important
If I could somehow make it smaller
Yeah, I need it for food and life in general
But I wonder if somewhere along the line I gave it too much power?
And I wonder what would happen if I chose to take my power back?
What if money is just this thing–
This neutral thing?
And I’m the one with the power?
What if I’ve had this power all along?
And just bought into the stress and anxiety
And the ‘not enough’?
I still want to honor my fear
Honor my stress
Honor my worries about not enough
But what if I could release some of the significance
And power
That I’ve given over to money?
I wonder what the worry and stress does?
I wonder if I need that ‘punch in the gut’ anxiety?
I wonder if it’s helping me open up to more?
Or perhaps it’s doing nothing but blocking my flow.
So yes, I’m open to releasing some significance around my money.
I’m open to taking back some of my power around money.
And I’m open to feeling a bit more relaxed around my finances
And in doing so, I choose to feel my power a little more.
Releasing stress
Releasing anxiety
Releasing worry
Releasing the power I’ve given to money
Allowing it to be just this neutral thing
And allowing me to be that much more powerful.

Everywhere you’ve created significance around money and in doing so have disempowered yourself and blocked your flow around the creation of abundance,  will you now choose to release all of that, uncreate and destroy it?
(Take a breath…)

What energy can you be that would allow you to be the significance that you gave away to money?  And anything that doesn’t allow that please destroy and uncreate it now.
(Take a breath…)

Ok!  Thanks for hanging in there with me today– I know it was long and kinda weird!  But it was a good kind of weird, wasn’t it? 🙂

Next time I’m going to tell you all about this journey I started by spitting in a tube… Curious?   Stay tuned! 🙂

To Your Infinite Success & Abundance,


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