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Are you sick and tired of being stressed out or panicked about money? 

Do you go to bed at night  worried about your business and finances? 

Are ready to FINALLY  trade STRUGGLE  for  F*R*E*E*D*O*M and step firmly on YOUR path to prosperity?



Haven’t You Waited Long Enough?

Hi!  I’m Heidi Garis, Success Coach & Money Mojo Expert.  You may be wondering what that  means so let me explain.  I help heart-centered entrepreneurs and professionals—just like you—who are struggling to create more money and more success.  I help  reduce their struggles and – from the inside out–  empower them to transform their striving into thriving, their struggle into success and their “less” into “more”.

Sound impossible?   It’s not!!  I know this because I’ve been there and beyond and I now help my clients with the same proven strategies that literally transformed my life.  These cutting-edge techniques will also help you:

  • Transform the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the energy of lack
  • Release the fears that block your prosperity and abundance
  • Shrink your financial stress & overwhelm so money can flow more easily to you
  • Reduce your resistance so you can get into action easily and consistently
  • Own your value so you can charge & receive what you’re worth
  • Step into your power so you can stop playing small
  • Attract and create a steady flow of income-producing opportunities
  • Increase your wealth set-point and become a magnet for money & success

LOVE empowering my clients to choose and create more income, more prosperity and more success and I am excited to help you get started too!

Money Flow Formula

I invite you to Sign Up NOW!  for my Complimentary 3-Part “Money Flow Formula Kit” so you can jump in and start creating that solid inner foundation that results in more money freedom and more flow!

When you sign up you’ll receive 3 Powerful Prosperity Tools :

1)  “The Money Flow Formula:  5 Steps to Release Stress to Clear Your Path to Prosperity” Home Study Guide

2)  “From Panic to Peace”  a 20 minute Guided Tap-along Audio that will immediately reduce your money stress & put you in a place of peace

3)  “Money Mojo Matters” a monthly E-zine chock full of tips and ideas to help you move further along the path of abundance

As you apply the fundamental strategies and techniques in the Money Flow Formula Kit you will be simultaneously reducing your stress and worry AND creating a firm inner foundation for attracting more money with ease.   Remember that your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality.  So if you want to master the art of creating real abundance and prosperity it is critical to master your inner world.  The first step in that process is what this gift offers so sign-up now in the box here/below/right over there and dive in!