Mantras & Money at My Feet

Do you have a personal mantra?  You may have one and not even be aware of it.  Think about it, what do you tell yourself everytime you look at your bank account balance or open your wallet?  What comes to mind when you’re faced with a new challenge or even something as mundane and everyday as pulling into a crowded parking lot? 

I’ve found that, as long as we’re lined up with them inside, personal mantras can be quick -n- easy ways to help create flow and ease in our lives.  For example, each time I pull out my wallet I say to myself, 

“Hmm!  I always have more money than I think!” 

And guess what?  I do!  And when pulling into the grocery store I say to myself,

“I always get the perfect parking spot.” 

And guess what?  I usually do!  Another favorite and fun mantra I’ve developed which is also a running theme for me is,

“There’s always money at my feet.” 

And there is- literally and figuratively!

I was telling a friend at a networking event (Hi Tia!) about this great running theme that’s been playing itself out in my life when the woman in front of us dropped a dollar at my feet!  We all burst into giggles simultaneously because, although she’d overheard our conversation, dropping the money was a complete accident.  Then, as she was trying to put the dollar back (which I’d not kept but returned!!) several more dollars spilled out of her wallet right at my feet!  She ended up giving me one of those dollars and said, “Well, you’ve made a believer out of me and it looks like it wants to be with you anyway!”   I smiled and gleefully received her gift, all along loving my mantra!

Here’s a pic of the actual dollar at my actual feet 🙂
(**A warm shout-out to Janice Onsa of D’town Interiors whose dollars kept finding themselves at my feet! You can find her and her distinctive interior designs at www.dtowninteriors.com)


So, give it a shot– Pick out a few mantras that will support your goals and practice repeating them regularly.  If you have a mantra that you’d like to make your own but aren’t fully on board (meaning you don’t quite believe it) try tapping on it (i.e. Even though I don’t really believe _____I’m open to a new truth that supports me…)  Then when you’ve lined yourself up, using your mantra will have more power and it’ll be fun to experience the results that show up!

How have your own mantras shown up for you in the past?  What new mantras will you consciously choose and use?  Let me know by posting below!

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