March Madness Mindset Mastery

Hey– it’s super short notice but… take a quick sec and answer these questions:

*Is your mindset mastered and in line with your highest vision? 

*Are your dominant thoughts, feelings & emotions congruent with your desires?

*Can you clearly perceive & receive the golden guidance the Universe is offering?

*Do you jump in and act on the things that can propel you forward?

*Is what you’re asking for actually showing up with ease joy and magic?

If you answered NO to any of the above then let me ask you one more question:

How would you like to play with me for 14 days, have a ton of fun, see what unfolds in your life, your money, your body and your biz as we do an early spring “internal landscaping” and get your mindset lined up with your vision?

I got hit with this bucket of inspiration over the weekend and then put it on the compost pile cuz it seemed too silly. But it quickly re-sprouted as an irresistible urge and feels fun, light and pretty dang powerful so I’m going with it– planting it and putting it out there no matter how wacky, silly (or short notice) it seems!

March Madness Mindset Mastery starts SOON!

Yup! I’ve learned when intuitive inspiration hits it’s a big ole sign to get off the sofa and get m’butt in gear!

We’re kicking things off next week!

Each day for 30 minutes I’ll be going live on Facebook in our March Madness group and we’re going to tap, clear, pod ‘n poc, pull energy and do some mindset maintenance, landscaping, pruning and upgrading!

And the wild ‘n wacky piece is each day’s topic will be based on crazy-fun March holidays! 

Here are the hilarious holidays & transformational topics we’ll be tackling:

Plant a Flower Day: What rotten seeds did you plant- knowingly or unknowingly- that are producing weeds? We’re going to uproot ’em and instead sow healthy seeds to help you flourish!


National Ear Muff Day: What are you not hearing that if you allowed yourself to hear it would create the change you’re looking for?


National Pi Day: What’s so special about Pi, this inherently irrational number and what does it have to do with creating your reality with more ease?


3/17 is both St. Patricks Day and National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day so you’ll have to tune in to find out which I choose and how I weave it into our inner work!


Everything You Think is Wrong Day:

I think you can guess where we’re going here!


Everything You Do is Right Day: Yup- it actually is and we’re going to help you see it!


Supreme Sacrifice Day: Are you making the supreme sacrifice of YOU in your life? We’re going to abolish this holiday and proclaim ourselves as the priority!


Poultry Day: Heh, heh, heh. Aren’t you curious what I’m doing with this one? Gotta sign up to find out!


3/20 is the Spring Equinox and yet I can’t resist going with Extraterrestrial Abductions Day! What outside influences have abducted you and are carrying you away from your dreams? We’re going to send out the rescue team and bring you back!


Absolutely Incredible Kid Day: How often to you thank and honor your inner kid and let her (or him!) know how amazing she is? This day is dedicated to supporting and loving our Inner Child who likely didn’t get everything she needed and deserved way back then.


National Goof Off Day: How often do you let yourself play? Do we really need to be all that serious to be successful? What if more PLAY could result in more efficiency, inspiration, manifestation, client attraction and even money?


3/23 was a tough one: It’s Melba Toast Day, National Puppy Day (for all of you following me on FB you are familiar with my pup search so this one had a special pull for me) but I’m going with: Near Miss Day! We may still talk about puppies but mostly we’ll do some work around our own near misses and how they hold us back from out-creating ourselves now!


National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day: You can cover a raisin in chocolate but there’s still a raisin underneath. (Admit it, really–how appealing is a raisin?!) How ignoring the inner ‘yuck’ doesn’t mean it isn’t there!


No copyright infringement intended

Waffle Day: How committed are you REALLY to what you’re asking for?


3/27: And for our Grand Finale

(cue tiny trumpets):

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!

(I swear I did not make that up–and isn’t it perfect?!)

Power-up your ability to create your day, your week, your year and your life- any way you want! You actually get to choose and create it!

So whaddya think?

Want in on these fertile days of change-making fun?!

14 Days, 15 Holidays & a Mindset Manicure

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Hi! I’m Heidi Garis and if you choose this program, I will be your guide. If you’re new to my world let me introduce myself: I’ve been a success coach, master abundance coach, psychotherapist and intuitive energy healer for 10+ years and I lovelovelove empowering women healers, coaches, and entrepreneurs (and a few brave men!) to discover and hone their ability to create! If you found this page you are probably already on that path. You’re working to hone your innate magic, create the life and financial reality you deserve, activate more ease and definitely more joy, and leverage your energy to not just create but to out-create what you desire. You run into struggles- just like all of us. You have wins and fails, just like all of us. AND… You know that more is possible! You want to truly believe that you have it in you to be the conscious architect of your reality. But you also know there’s some internal incongruence and so what you’re asking for isn’t showing up quite like you’d like it. And in working with clients, that is my sweet spot: helping them discover the a-ha’s they need to see, empowering them to choose what they desire, guiding them out of their own way and into congruence and action and assisting in their reveal of how they uniquely create!