21 Days to Making Friends with Money (so you can make more!)


               Hey there!  

           I have a question:

If you and money were in a relationship...

                       (and you are)


                 Would it look like this? 









                                                                     Or more like this?


The truth is, whether you know it or not you are in a relationship with money.

It’s pretty much a lifelong commitment.

And as long as you have a body, you and cash will be constant companions.



So, how would you describe your current relationship with money? 


Up and down?




A dysfunctional wreck?


And how do you feel about money?






Pretty much pissed-off?


Think you could use a relationship rescue?


Some people say everything has consciousness- including money.

And that may be true.

But even if it’s not what I do know is this:

Your relationship with money matters.

It determines how often and easily money flows to you.  

It determines how much you make.  

It determines whether or not it sticks around or disappears when you need it most.

Another thing I know is:

What you energize manifests.

Simple as that.

And that is great news!  

This means that you don’t have to stay stuck in a dissatisfying, frustrating and stressful relationship with money!  

In fact, you, as the human being in the relationship, actually have the balance of power and if you energize the right thoughts, feelings and actions money will be more than happy to be your best friend (or even your lover!).       



It also means You have to take the first step.

Money’s not just going to magically show up without you doing some things differently. 

You have to initiate the change you want to see because money responds to you exactly how you think about it, feel about it and treat it.


Wouldn’t it be fun if :

  • you could ask money to be there for you- and it would actually show up?
  • you could have a fun, mutual relationship that was give & take, ask & receive?
  • you and money were hand-in-hand creating things together?

You can!

And it doesn’t have to be as hard as a human relationship because  

money naturally reflects back to you what you think, feel and do about it.

Money has no ego and is super-easy to relate to!

So, are you ready to get re-acquainted and re-established

with your friend, Money?

Join me for a fun and transformational 21 Day adventure that will help bring you and money back together so that you finally have a partner in creating the life you want. 


Here’s what you get when you say yes:

 *21 calls (over 10 hours of content and clearing!) where we join together and clear your unsupportive, misaligned thoughts, feelings and emotions around money and shift into a more positive, supportive, fun relationship

 *Recordings of all the calls

 *a Fabulous Facebook community of like-minded cohorts where you can play, connect and celebrate together

 *You’ll also get me! 😀 We’ll have fun, we’ll laugh a lot, and I’ll be guiding you the whole way


But here’s what you’ll REALLY get:

 *The opportunity to get present to the thoughts, feelings and judgments that keep you from creating the relationship with money you want (and need)

 *The opportunity to clear out old sticky patterns, worries and vows keeping money at bay

 *The opportunity to actually create more money with potent manifesting tips & tricks

 *Most of all… the opportunity to create FREEDOM from your tired, old, troubling money relationship which stops you from creating what you really want !

I’m not promising that this is the last and final training you’ll ever need on manifesting money.  

But what I can promise is this:

If you show up (or catch the recordings) dive in and play along, if you do the homeplay exercises and focus your mind on energizing the supportive, consistent (and expanding) relationship you desire, your relationship with money will change.  You will feel less stressed, you will be more empowered, you and money will have a brighter future together.

The value of this program goes WAY beyond the investment.

In fact, I’ve literally had a bunch of people from my previous 21 day programs tell me that I should be charging more – a lot more.  

But I want everyone that wants and needs this program to join in and

I don’t want money to be a barrier.  

So instead of charging $297 or $197 or even $97

I’m offering the whole kit ‘n caboodle:

the 21 days, the recordings, a bang-up FB group and,

if you weren’t already convinced, (drum roll please)

I’m throwing in a SPECIAL BONUS! 

If you sign up today I’m also giving you one of my most popular recorded trainings:

21 Days of Money Magic and Miracles!

All this for just



How does it get any better than this?!   😀 

Money is waiting for you.  Waiting for you to call it in.

What are you waiting for? 

Are you ready to make friends with money?


Sign up now!  

We start soon!

*Please note that by registering for this program you are giving your full permission to be recorded and are aware that this program may be used as a product or offering in the future.