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Super-Klutz or Self-Saboteur?

Sometimes ya just gotta wonder. And right now I’m wondering. And the question I am posing to myself is: Am I just a colossal klutz with no grace whatsoever or a subconscious genius with superior self-sabotage skills? Read on and judge for yourself. The day started out great.  I worked all morning, had some great […]

Talk Therapy and EFT

Heidi migrated from traditional “talk therapy” to EFT — to help her clients make the most progress and change possible.

Gratitude Shmatitude

Sometimes we know we should be feeling grateful cuz the feeling of gratitude can really help us create more reasons to be grateful, right?  (In other words, tapping into gratitude can bring more of the stuff we’re wanting into our reality!)  But it can be hard to get to that space sometimes– especially if we’re […]

Ok Now, This is Weird…

Ok, This is Weird Well, Tax Day, (which was April 15th for those of you outside the USA), has come and gone and I have to say it was an interesting one for me! I am grateful to have a wonderful accountant, who just happens to be my cousin.  However, this means that his big […]


Mythbustin’ “I reject your reality and substitute my own!”  I always laughed when ‘mad scientist’ Adam of Mythbusters made that comment in the opening credits.  But recently his words echoed in my ears when I realized how poignant (have I ever used that word before?) they are.  Although I have a pretty open-minded circle of […]

Belief is Everything!!!

BELIEF IS EVERYTHING!! And now a word from a short funny-looking dude: Belief is Everything! (click) Sometimes Hollywood can come up with some brilliant, thought-provoking scenes and this was one for me.  Belief is so important to our success and I think pretty much pre-determines whether or not we’ll achieve what we want.  But what […]

An Abundant Definition of Money

“The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation.” I LOVE that definition– (wish I could claim it as my own but I borrowed it from Joe Vitale who borrowed it from someone else!) When you view money like this it makes paying bills, giving to your church or charity, paying your lawn-guy, investing in […]

A Tear to Your Eye and Hope to Your Heart

Caution: This may bring tears to your eyes and hope to your heart! Listen to this astounding interview with Dawson Church, Ph.D., on recent research that shows how powerful EFT can be for releasing stress, turbo-boosting the immune system,  altering our genes and for actually erasing PTSD– even war trauma! We in the EFT world […]