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Trauma – Big & Small — Affects Us All

TRAUMA, BIG AND SMALL, AFFECTS US ALL **Note: I’d like to dedicate this post to all of my friends living and working in Japan and suffering through the giant traumas of the earthquake, tsunami and continuing aftershocks. I wrote this post just prior to these events and my prayers are with you. For many of […]

The #1 Thing Keeping You Stuck

See what pioneer coach, Cheryl Richardson, has to say about what’s keeping you stuck and what you can do about it!

Coffee, Anyone?!

COFFEE, ANYONE?! Two Saturdays ago I was doing 8 things at once (as usual), one of which was reheating my coffee in the microwave.  I “nuked” it twice just to be sure it was hot enough and, YEP, it sure was!  Pretty much hot enough to qualify as lava, although I didn’t know it at […]

Great Press for EFT & Tapping!

Tapping their way to feeling better TEXT SIZE By: THERESA HEGEL The Intelligencer A procedure, the emotional freedom technique, has proponents in the area. Lori Taylor was suffering from back pain. The Sellersville woman consulted a doctor who suggested pain medication, but Taylor said she wasn’t interested in just covering up the pain with drugs. […]

From Bah Humbug! To Ho-Ho-Ho!! Tap Your Way Through the Holidays!

Tap, Tap Tap! Tap, Tap Tap! Through the Holidays!!! {To View My Entire December Newsletter Click HERE} Holiday stress getting you down?  Feeling more Bah-Humbug then Ho! Ho! Ho!??  Lighten it up with some laughter and tapping! Here’s the laughter part:  (For my new subscribers, Taiani is my precocious 5 year old who often makes […]

Believing is Seeing

“I will see it when I believe it.” — Dr. Wayne Dyer But what happens when you don’t believe it?  Our limiting beliefs- which can be conscious or unconscious- often keep us from achieving the healing we need, the success we crave and the abundance we deserve.  So what to do?   How do we go […]

An Abundant Definition of Money

“The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation.” I LOVE that definition– (wish I could claim it as my own but I borrowed it from Joe Vitale who borrowed it from someone else!) When you view money like this it makes paying bills, giving to your church or charity, paying your lawn-guy, investing in […]

New Weight Loss Solution (?)

New Weight Loss Solution:  Tongue Mutilation! Ok– I just can’t hold my tongue on this one: How much further out on the crazy spectrum can weight loss plans get?  There’s a new idea in town that pushes the envelope—WAY OUT! This is how it works:  a small mesh-like doohickey about the size of a postage […]