Best Year Evaaah Last Chance!

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The live workshop is over– BUT for just a little while you have a chance to grab the recording!

Here’s what people are saying:

“I couldn’t take notes fast enough!”

“Incredibly powerful content!”

“That energy pull knocked me out in a great way!”

“I felt the weight of last year lift right off my shoulders and now it’s gone!”

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How’s Your Brand-Spankin’ New Year Shaping Up?

Are you:

*Super clear on what you want and what you don’t?

*Congruent inside and out with your goals and dreams?

*Light and free to take the actions you need to be taking?

And what about last year?
How are you feeling about: 

*the targets and goals you didn’t quite reach?

*the actions you didn’t quite take?

*the critical voices of what you didn’t quite accomplish?

Are you dragging the energy of all THAT behind you?

Here’s the thing:

If you don’t have a super clear vision or intention for 2019
you’re flying blind and your results are going to be hit or miss.

And if you’re not congruent with your asks your feet are going to feel like concrete when you try to take action.

If you haven’t tied up all the loose ends and energy from last year,
(those annoying inner-whispers telling you what you SHOULD have done and what you SHOULD have achieved) 
carrying THAT
stuff forward is NOT empowering you to success!

So here’s what I’ve created especially for you:

(and it’s a super easy ‘yes’ because the value is outta this world!)

to a bursting-at-the-seams 2+hour virtual workshop that will set you up for incredible success this year!

To do that we’re going to let go of the tired old energy of 2018 and the step into the energy of crazy possibility for 2019!

We’re going to:

*release the energies of 2018 that don’t belong in your 2019
(cuz you don’t want THAT dragging along behind you!)

*powerfully acknowledge your wins from last year 
(a potent way to energize new wins for this year!)
*expand awareness around your yes’s & no’s for 2019
(cuz flying blind leaves a lot to chance)

*leverage your ability to create and manifest
(we often leave SO much on the table)

*activate greater Ease, Joy and Magic for your 2019
(who doesn’t want more of that?!)

You deserve to move forward & into 2019 clear, congruent and confident
and this workshop is going to help you do just that!

And to make it super easy for you I decided to almost give it away:

2+ Hours of Powerful Content, Clearing and Activations for …
(wait for it…..)
Just $14.04.

Just 14 little dollars and 4 wee pennies!

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I’ve never offered something so valuable for such a low price before and I doubt I’ll do it again.
One of my besties–and a kick-ass coach– literally tried talking me out of it:

“What?!  Are you crazy?!  You’re not going to make any money!”

And yeah, this probably  isn’t going to be a big ole windfall of a workshop for me but that’s ok.  It’s a way for me to give back a bit and also a way for you to get to know me.  And if, and when, you ever decide you’d like more then you’ll know where to find me!

Worst case scenario is you walk away with way less stuff to weigh you down this year and way more fuel to move you forward.  

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain:

Don’t Wait!

This recording is available for just a short time!

This workshop could shift you into new possibility this year so grab it while it’s still available!

“Heidi Garis is the real deal!” – Jamie Broderick, CEO and Founder of Success Connections & Co-founder of Speakers Who Dare

Before working with Heidi I was stressed out and overwhelmed with life, parenting and work and I was also being really hard on myself. Working with Heidi has been transformational.  I have found abundance now flows to me more easily in my relationships with family, friends, colleagues and, of course, with money too.  I am now able to manifest and attract what I want to see in my life and am able to take steps to make it all happen.   Heidi expertly guided me into new and valuable perspectives and helped me release thoughts ideas that no longer serve me so I can now live the life I was longing for.  –Alysia Schurr, Senior Recruiter, Merck

“Working with Heidi was worth Every.  Single.  Penny.” 
— Shannon McSorley Funt,  Intuitive Coach at May You Be Mindful