Best Year Evaaah 2020

Hey there! And Happy 2020!!

How’s Your Brand-Spankin’ New Year – and New Decade – Shaping Up?

Are you:

*Super clear on what you want and what you don’t?

*Congruent inside and out with your goals and dreams?

*Light and free to take the actions you need to be taking?

And what about last year?
How are you feeling about: 

*the targets and goals you didn’t quite reach?

*the actions you didn’t quite take?

*the critical voices of what you didn’t quite accomplish?

Are you dragging the energy of all THAT behind you?

Here’s the thing:

If you don’t have a super clear vision or intention for 2020
you’re flying blind and your results are going to be hit or miss.

And if you’re not congruent with your asks you’re going to have lead feet when it comes to taking action.

If you haven’t tied up all the loose ends and energy from last year,
(those annoying inner-whispers telling you what you SHOULD have done and what you SHOULD have achieved),
carrying THAT
stuff forward is NOT going to propel you into the successful year and decade you want!

So here’s what I’ve created especially for you:

(It’s pretty much a no brainer!)

NEXT WEEK – Yup! In just a couple of days-
I’m holding a bursting-at-the-seams virtual workshop where we’ll

CLEAR, ENVISION & ACTIVATE your energy for the year to come!

So what are we going to do during our 2+ hours together?

We’re going to:

*release the energies of 2019 that don’t belong in your 2020
(cuz you don’t want old energy following you into this new decade!)

*acknowledge your magical wins from last year 
(a potent way to energize new wins for this year!)

*expand awareness around your yes’s & no’s for 2020
(cuz flying blind leaves everything to chance)

*leverage your ability to create and manifest
(we often leave SO much on the table)

*activate and pull in greater Ease, Joy and Magic for this year and the whole decade!
(who doesn’t want more of that?!)

You deserve to move forward & into 2020 Clear, Congruent and Confident
and this is going to help you do just that!

And to make it super simple I decided to price it low enough to make it easy and high enough for you to have some skin in the game

(Cuz when you’re invested you actually show up and dive in!)

2+ Hours of Powerful Content, Clearing Activations and Energy Pulls for just …


How does it get any better than that?

Just 47 bucks to set yourself up for more success and more ease this year?!

Whether you’re desiring a boost in your biz, happier relationships, an increase in cash or a healthier body, this session will help you create it first- energetically- and then allow you to unfold it in reality with more ease ‘n joy in 2020 and beyond!

Click Below to Register Now!

Worst case scenario is you walk away with way less stuff to weigh you down this year and way more fuel to move you forward.  

You’ve got nothing to lose (except the energy of what doesn’t belong) and everything to gain:

Don’t Wait!

Sign Up Now!! 

Remember it’s next week so don’t wait!
Wednesday, January 22nd at 7pm (Eastern) – and we’ll be using the New Moon energies to propel us forward!

(if you can’t make it live you’ll have access to the recording)

(not a New Moon pic but you get the idea!)

“Heidi Garis is the real deal!” – Jamie Broderick, CEO and Founder of Success Connections & Co-founder of Speakers Who Dare

“Working with Heidi was worth Every.  Single.  Penny.” 
— Shannon McSorley Funt,  Intuitive Coach at May You Be Mindful 

“I was stunned how quickly my huge fear barriers were transformed into faint memories. As a result of Heidi’s work, I’ve started holding live workshops and speaking live to increasingly larger crowds.”
–Kate S  ~  New Mexico