Activating Ease

Are you tired of the “push-push-push” when it comes to creating your life?

How about the go-go-go of all those never-ending action steps? 

The “push” and “go” can sometimes show up as a frenetic pace of perpetual motion with no end in sight and even if you find yourself moving forward it’s exhausting and doesn’t feel fun OR motivating.


Sometimes the push shows up as tons of effort with little or no success and it feels like you’re trying to force a gigantic boulder at an vertical angle the laws of physics just won’t allow!   

But whether you’re creating more money, more business success, closer relationships or greater health wouldn’t it be refreshing to not feel like it’s all such a friggin’ struggle?!

Wouldn’t you rather create with EASE?

(Trust me— Ease is SO much more fun!)

I won’t lie to you. 

This year has been chock full of personal challenges for me — 

a literal a cascade of jarring shocks and unwelcome surprises.  

And because of the injuries, the illness, the massive loss and grief

I just did not have the bandwidth to be a “good entrepreneur.” 


Regular newsletters? 


Tons of Facebook Lives?


Numerous speaking engagements?


Nope. Nope. And Nope.


And yet my money and my business unfolded and expanded in magical ways!

Well, how the heck did THAT happen?

I’m glad you asked because that’s exactly what I’d like to share with you.

My biggest and ever present ask this year has been EASE. 

I asked the Universe to partner with me in such a way that despite my low energy reserves and deflated capacity to put myself out there, I could reach my goals and manifest my desires with Ease.  I even asked to create GREATER with ease.  

And lo and behold, I did!

(or, I should say, WE did!)

It’s not that I didn’t show up at all or just sat around playing Candy Crush for hours on end. No, I put what energy I had into creating great client sessions and powerful calls with my Magic and Miracles Tribe. I launched a pretty awesome 21 day program. I listened to the nudgings that Spirit gave and took some action but most importantly

I listened to what I needed; to what my soul needed. 

I took breaks, time off, spent more hours away from my laptop than ever before and honored my needs above everything else. 

 This was all well and good and exactly what I required but I still had to make money and grow my practice. I just didn’t have it in me to push and ‘get ‘er done’ like I had the past. I couldn’t bear any extra stress or struggle so I simply asked for ease

And the Universe gifted me with a wonderful way to play with energy and invite ease into my manifesting! I learned to surrender, allow and create with such ease it almost feels like I’m cheating!

How you ask?

I started listening to my intuition more, partnering with my body more and playing with energy in a very special way so that what I ask for literally gets pulled into my experience rather than me trying to push toward it.


I discovered how to work with energy so that it works for me rather than me having to work for it!   When I learned this and began partnering with my body more than with my mind and pulled the energy of what I wanted into me, my asks literally unfolded at my feet. 

By playing with energy in this special way my perfect clients began finding and actually asking if they could work with me, my income took a nice juicy leap, my relationships took on new harmony and deep desires I’d had for YEARS finally came to fruition. 

It felt- and continues to feel like – no less than 


(one of my favorite things!)

And so, because I’m not crazy or a glutton for struggle, I made the decision to continue consciously creating this way and now I want to share the process with you!

So if you’d like to join me in closing out this year by Activating Ease and setting yourself up for even more ease in all your asks next year and beyond, I invite you to join me for 17 days in December

where we’ll dive in and:

  • clear out your resistance to ease (yup! like I was, you’re probably pushing it away)
  • create greater congruency with your asks
  • learn how to pull in energy that contributes to you in a very powerful way


So, what’s the cost?

(drum roll please)…

17 days just $57 

Pretty awesome deal, right?

Your investment is just $57!

How does it get any better than that?! 

Well, since you asked,  (See?! Ease in Ask and Receive- its’ working for you already!) 

You’ll also get a spot in my New Year’s “Set Yourself Up for Ease & Success” call where we’ll let go of 2018, clarify your intentions for 2019, and then start clearing out whatever’s in your way to making that happen.  I’ll also guide you through a potent Quantum Jump where you’ll meet and interact with the version of you that has already achieved what you’re desiring now! (think of how SHE (or he!) can contribute to your ease!)

So, to sum it up, here’s what you get:

  • Live daily 30 minute calls where we’ll utilize the magic of Tapping and Access Consciousness to clear out our crappola and set the stage for creating with ease
  • Daily guided Energy Pulls
  • Private FB group with cool and amazing cohorts (my peeps are the best!)
  • Recordings of all calls
  • Set Yourself Up for Ease & Success Class in the New Year

 So– Are you ready for more ease in your life?

Register now for just $57   

Love, Magic and Ease,